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Am I Alex P. Keaton?

Family Ties is the icon 80's series. The oldest child in this series is Alex P. Keaton and as I watch it again I have to ask myself "Am I Alex P. Keaton"?

Me at the Faculty and Staff Association booth Me at the Faculty and Staff Association booth

Back on Campus

We'll it's that time again school is officially in session. It doesn't matter how much I prepare, seems I'm always missing something before class starts.

Goodbye House

It has been a long time coming but we finally signed the paper work selling our old house in Oklahoma City. The house had been up for sale for almost two years now, and we were beginning to wonder if we’d ever get it sold. The whole...

Named a DaVinici Fellow

Just recently I was named a a 2011 DaVinci Fellow by the DaVinci Institute. Apparently, I was nominated by the Vice President of Academic Affairs at OCCC, where I currently work. The award indicated that I have received this honor in recognition of...

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Not Dead – Just Busy

In case you were wondering I’m not dead, just extremely busy. I’ve been busy all year, and haven’t really had a lot of time to dedicate to my website. But this summer I plan to take it easy. As for now though I’m in the mist...

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New Year New Look

That’s right I’ve redid my website once again. This time I wanted a fun fluid look something that was all my own. I want my website to be easy to navigate, as well as interesting and informative. The first thing I’ve changed is the...

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Ice Cream Eating contest

Yesterday I won 3rd place in an Ice Cream eating contest. It was at the Braums’ 4th of July Ice Cream Festival in Tuttle. It was fun, a lot of free ice cream and such. I was the first one to sign up for the Women’s Ice Cream eating...

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Yesterday at Virginia Tech University…

I’d like to first state my deepest sorrow to those in the Virginia Tech community. The events that occurred yesterday at Virginia Tech University are very disturbing for all, especially those of us at colleges and universities across America.

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New Layout

Okay it’s true if you know me you know that my website never stays the same for more than a month or so. This is because I’m continuously learning new thing about web design that I want to add to my site.This new theme I designed entirely from...