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Okay it’s true if you know me you know that my website never stays the same for more than a month or so. This is because I’m continuously learning new thing about web design that I want to add to my site.This new theme I designed entirely from scratch learning a lot of CSS and PHP code as well. It’s taken me about 3 days to put it all together but I really like it.

This site has some really cool features such as a flash heading which I’m not completely done with but will work for now. Another nice feature of the site is the Works page. Although I am using wordpress as my blog system I have set up a coppermine photo-gallery with a theme set to look identical to my site.

You can register for the photo-gallery and leave comments for my works, however registering with the photo-gallery is not the same as registering for the blog it’s wired I know.

I still need to clean up my gallery and add titles and notes about each project, as well as add more recent items.

If your interested in setting up your own gallery or blog I really would consider WordPress for the blog and Coppermine for the photo-gallery. I love Open Source Code ! You don’t have to be a programmer to set them up but if you want a theme that is all your own you’ll need to know a little of css and php.

Hopefully within the next month or so I should have a theme you can download for wordpress. I’m working on some freebies as well as some tutorials.

Anyways that’s what I’ve been up to, hope you like the new look.

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