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Creative Time

There are two key factors that research show can help allow for more creative time and that is organization and time management.

Circular Patio

Last weekend while I worked on making stepping stones, my hubby worked on creating custom stone pavers for Miss Linda's circular patio.

Candy Broomsticks

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Halloween! I also love Halloween crafts, so when I came across a pin for cute little broomstick candy bags via Martha Sweart Anyways it didn’t seem to hard, and I already had a lot of twigs (for broom...

DIY Project 01 – Kitchen Island

One of the things that bothers me the most about my new (old) home is how tiny the kitchen is. I’m told that this kitchen is actually the expansions, since it took space from an old porch, when it was renovated in the 1950’s, if...