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Akram's Ideas : Frosting Toolbox

The Frosting Toolbox

In order to be creative in the spur of the moment it helps to be organized.

This way one can quickly access the tools they need to bring their creative endeavor to life!

However this is often not the case and we usually portray creative people as messy and disorganized.

This is a sad misconception. I often find if I’m not organized I can’t focus on my project. This goes for everything, from sewing, painting, gardening to baking.

Akram's Ideas : Frosting Toolbox
Akram’s Ideas : Frosting Toolbox

Most recently though I discovered I was lacking organization when it came to my frosting tools.

Originally I had bought a frosting kit that came with a little box to store your frosting tips.

Over the past few years I have accumulated more tips and they were all scattered about in the box.

Finding the right tip meant dumping the whole box. Then of course the frosting bags had to be stored separately and larger tips couldn’t even fit in the box.

Akram's Ideas : Frosting Toolbox
Akram’s Ideas : This toolbox was only $20 and a great way to store my frosting tips.

I needed a solution to help me stay organized. Unexpectedly I came across the answer in the hardware isle at Wal-Mart.

They had a two tier toolbox that had separate little compartments that came out.

Akram's Ideas: Frosting Toolbox
Akram’s Ideas: removable containers for easy access

I thought this was perfect! I sorted my tips by number and organized them in the upper boxes.

The lower and larger boxes I placed lather tips and tools along with the frosting bags and food coloring.

Akram's Ideas: Frosting Toolbox
Akram’s Ideas: Larger containers on the bottom can be used for bigger accessories

The solution is prefect and very cheap. A traditional frosting tip organizer at the same size would have cost me somewhere in the $50 range, however this little toolbox was half that price. Maybe it doesn’t come in pink or purple, but I can live with that.

Anyways I thought I’d share my quick and easy solution for organizing frosting supplies, now to make cup cakes!


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  • I purchased that very same model of toolbox for a very similar price from my local Canadian Tire store when I went out in the world looking for a cheaper solution to the same problem that you had great minds think a like fools seldom differ I find the hardware store and the dollar store are the best places to go for organizing my cake decorating awesomeness. Oh and the fishing tackle section in the local army navy store also a great place to find awesome containers with hinged lids in little tiny compartments for supercheap.

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