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Several of my favorite bloggers, such as the Glamorous Housewife, have been on this #StopPinningStartDoing kick.

Since this past weekend was a long holiday weekend I figured I make time to take some of my favorite pins and actually do them!

I really thought I’d be lucky to complete one pin, but I’m happy to say I managed to get through a lot of pins in just a few days.

While I still have to sort through some pictures before I can post these projects I thought I’d share the pins I brought to life this weekend.

Starting with sewing pins, I decided to work on some adorable dress for my little niece Layla, who’s now 4 month old.

These are the pins I decided to work on:

Pretty Easy Sundress

ZigZag Shirring Tutorial & Toddler Dress Pattern

Vintage Heirloom Dress

While sewing I also had time to work on a project for myself, which included:

Shirt Up-recycle 

Since this past weekend was not only a holiday weekend but also the kick off to summer I decided to have a cookout and cook up some tasty treats that I had pinned.

I started with the Glamours Housewife’s recipe and made her ultimate strawberry pie.

Then I attempted Frozen Peach Lemonade.

Anyways, like I said I’ll be posting details about each one of these projects shortly. In the meantime why not take the opportunity to #StopPinningStartDoing !

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