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Akram's Ideas: Make Your Own Clay Cupcake Brooch

Make Your Own Clay Cupcake Brooch

Earlier this month I posted my very first YouTube video featuring Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcakes. In the video I wore an adorable clay cupcake brooch which I made myself out of oven-bake clay.

Make your own

As promised in the video, today I’m going to share with you how to make your own clay cupcake brooch.  

What you’ll Need

Akram's Ideas Sculpey Oven Bake Clay
I used Sculpey Oven Bake Clay for this project
  • Oven Bake Clay – 3 colors of your choice
  • Blade – Exacto knife or Butter knife should be sufficient
  • Optional Circular Cutter – You can use a small cookie cutter I used a coke bottle top

If you have access to some clay modeling tools that would be helpful, but not necessary. Also latex gloves help to keep your fingerprints off the clay.

Akram's Ideas Clay Tools
Clay sculpting tools are helpful but not necessary

The Process

The steps to making this clay cupcake brooch actually came from a Craftster.com which I found via Pinterest.

I followed the steps from the tutorial making a few changes.

Akram's Ideas clay ball
Roll your base color into a medium sized ball

First I took my base color and rolled into a ball. Instead of hand pressing the clay into a circle I used my fondant rolling pin to flatten it out and used the coke bottle top to cut out a perfect circle.

Akram's Ideas roll and cut circle of clay
I used a coke bottle top to cut my circle

Using a blade I cut away the left and right sides of the circle as instructed by the original tutorial. I then used the blade to make light indentations in the remaining circle to create a sort of cupcake paper look.

Akram's Ideas cut circle clay sides
Use a blade to cut the sides of the circle

After making the indents I decided to trim the bottom of the circle to give it a more straight look.

Akram's Ideas clay cupcake bottom
After indenting and trimming the cupcake bottom

Next I took my darker color, which I used for the cupcake top to and freehanded an oval shape. Then created a scalloped edge as directed in the original tutorial, however I used the clay tools I had to make the scalloped edges.

Akram's Ideas scalloped edge of cupcake top
This ball tool helps smooth the scalloped edges

I placed the cupcake top on the bottom. To keep the back of the brooch smoother, I used one of my flat edged blades and spread the bottom half over the top. This made sure the depth on the back was equal.

Akram's Ideas spread clay cupcake back
I leveled out the back of the clay cupcake

Using a pink clay I made the little cherry/sprinkle on the top of the cupcake.

Akram's Ideas clay cupcake with cherry/sprinkle on top
It almost looks good enough to eat

After making a few of these I found that they kind of tilt to one side when you glue on your pin backing. Therefor I later decided to create a cavity for the pin in the back of the brooch. This way the pin would set flatter in the back and the brooch would not turn on itself.

Akram's Ideas etched cavity and brand
Here’s the back of the clay cupcake

Lastly I used a fine blade to etch “Akram’s Ideas” into the back of the brooch.

I baked the brooch in the oven to the specified temperature and time as indicated on the clay directions.

Akram's Ideas Clay Cupcake Brooches
Aren’t these clay cupcake brooches adorable.

Overall I’m really happy with my clay cupcake brooches, especially since this is only the second time I’ve played with clay. However, I wish I could somehow make them more uniform in scale. Still I like the ones I’ve made and plan to be placing a few in my Esty shop.

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Akram's Ideas: Make Your Own Clay Cupcake Brooch

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