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Get your creative juices flowing and learn who you can be apart of National Week of Making June 16 - 22.

National Week of Making

The tagline of Akram’s Ideas is “Bringing Creative and Crazy Ideas to Life” because that’s what I do. I come up with both creative and crazy ideas and bring them to fruition (life). So, in short one can say that I’m a maker, yes I make things.

I Make Things

I make things, my interest in making varies greatly. If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that I like to make food (mostly pie) and make vintage style dresses. I am an avid DIY-ier and crafter. I even enjoy putting together the occasional plastic (Gundam) model.

Akram's Ideas pie and dresses
I make pie and vintage inspired dresses

By profession I am a graphic/web designer so I make designs and program sites or applications. I also am an ammeter photographer and sometimes even draw.

Akram's Ideas - my Gundam Model
I also enjoy assembling plastic model kits, like this Gundam.

Making is about of who I am. Every time I see something I’m like I wonder how that’s made, and if I can make it myself. While I like to make I will admit I’m not good at everything. But being good at everything isn’t the point, what’s most important is you put your mind to something and make.

Maker Movement

I’m not alone in my passion for making things. In fact there is a whole “Maker Movement”, is a trend in which individuals or groups of individuals make things.

When people think of the Maker Movement, they usually think of making in terms of high tech projects or custom construction that requires laser cutters and cnc machines. The truth is that heart of the Make Movement is to make, regardless of what your medium is or your age.

Make music, make art, make a coffee table, make an app, make a dress, make pie! Wherever your passions are use that to make things. Making is not only a creative outlet, it helps to build problem solving skills, self-confidence, and gives sense of accomplishments.

In the video below former Mythbuster, Adam Savage talks about makers and their amazing makerspaces. The video is inspiring to see all the different types of makers.

National Week of Making

In efforts to promote making and to spread awareness about the Maker Movement the White House is celebrating a National Week of Makingthis June 17-23 which will coincide with the National Maker Faire on June 18-19 in Washington, D.C., that features makers from across the country.

White House - National Week of Making
To learn more about National Week of Making visit: http://weekofmaking.org/

Show off your makes and support of making this week with the hashtag #WeekOfMaking and #NationOfMakers . Now, what are you waiting for, go make something!

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Get your creative juices flowing and learn who you can be apart of National Week of Making June 16 - 22.

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