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Candy Broomsticks

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Halloween! I also love Halloween crafts, so when I came across a pin for cute little broomstick candy bags via Martha Sweart

Anyways it didn’t seem to hard, and I already had a lot of twigs (for broom handles) laying around the yard from fallen tree limbs. So, I started by buying some lunch sacks, although other tutorials online suggested smaller craft size paper bags, the full size lunch bags were by far the most cost effective. I got a package of hundred for just under $2.00 at Walmart.

The tutorial, like others showed the bag filled with loose candy like candy corn. However, I don’t feel giving unwrapped candy to others is appropriate, and I didn’t know if everyone would like candy corn. So, I decided to go with a mix bag of candy bar minis ( Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, etc.)

Following the tutorial I filled on bag with candy, then took another bag, and sheared the bag almost to the bottom. Then I placed the candy filled bag inside the sheared bag. Then I added the stick. The bags seemed a little too tall for my sticks so I cut off some of the tops before tiring it all up with twine.

Finally I thought they were lacking something, when my Darling Husband suggested putting cute tags on them, indicating that they were famous brooms, like “Witch Hazels'” broom or the “Nimbus 2000”. To create the tags I reused the tops of the inner bags, I cut off.

In all I’m really happy with how these turned out.

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