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Yesterday at Virginia Tech University…

I’d like to first state my deepest sorrow to those in the Virginia Tech community. The events that occurred yesterday at Virginia Tech University are very disturbing for all, especially those of us at colleges and universities across America.

No one could really foresee an event such as yesterday’s happening. This is really distressing since both me and my husband are professors at a college, and to think something like this could happen. However, I must admit that just last week faculty and staff received a memo on what precautions are to be made in such an event or that of a natural disaster. This is a kind of relief that some regulation have already been set in motion at my school.

I think that the President at Virgina Tech was wrong for not completely canceling classes, after the first shooting occurred. After all no one knew the details and more awareness should have been made.

Going to work this morning I was a little nervous, but I can’t stay home because another college shooting may occur, heck a shooting could happen in my front lawn, there’s no point about worrying… though I worry a lot.

College is a place for education and enlightenment. Events such as yesterday makes me wonder are people really learning? If the gunman was a student, would an educated person do such a thing? Are colleges putting to much stress on students, to drive them over the edge or is there something else going on here??

So many questions and yet the world may never know the answer…

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