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New Year New Look

That’s right I’ve redid my website once again. This time I wanted a fun fluid look something that was all my own. I want my website to be easy to navigate, as well as interesting and informative.
The first thing I’ve changed is the logo for the site I wanted something bold and new, with a web 2.0 style. I think this new logo really fits the site. It’s fresh, fun, crisp and clean; it gets to the point and with out being frilly. It’s also easier to read and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the site.
Now if your finding yourself a bit lost on this site, let me explain where everything is now. The top header includes the site’s title and search bar. Directly under the search bar is the Quick Links (shown on the left).


Think of the quick links as page links. The first one is the home page (obviously), the next image of a pencil and paper, is the join or login page. The text bubble image links to the about me page. The star image represents my portfolio page. The portfolio page is actually linking to my deviant art account. The globe image is the links page and finally the happy face is the contacts page. (On a minor note, the happy face image is also the default avatar image, for members.)

Past the Quick Links you’ll find my post cloud. All recent posts are displayed within a lovely floating cloud… scrolling down you’ll find my island footer. When designing this theme, a side bar in the clouds was just too distracting, so I placed all my sidebar elements in the footer. Here you can view the latest tutorials, latest deviations, recent posts, comments, browse the archives or search a category.

For students who had been going to my site, I no longer have class materials on here. Instead I am working with OCCC to get a permanent instructor site going. That doesn’t mean that this site is no longer relevant to you. This site will continue to have information on design news, and in-depth tutorials on topics we don’t usually have time for in class. Thus I encourage you to still participate on this


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