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Second Place – Ice Creaming Eating Competition

Last year I went to the Tuttle Ice Cream Festival for 4th of July and won third place. This year I came prepared to win! Although I didn’t make first I still made second so I’m slowly moving up.

In case your wondering it’s not a contest about eating the most ice cream (that would ruin my diet) it’s a contest to eat the ice cream the fastest. The key is to eat through the brain freeze. It hurts but you keep going so you can win!

At the festival I also got the opportunity to ride a horse. I’ve never been close to horse none less ride him. That was a great experience, which I probably wouldn’t had done without my husband encouraging me to.

Later that day we (me and my hubby) spent the evening at the Moore 4th of July festival, which was followed by a large display of fireworks.

All in all it was a great 4th. Hope everyone else is having as much fun this summer.

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