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When September Ends

“Wake me up when September ends…”, you know the Green Day song. That’s exactly how I’m feeling now. As if I’ve been asleep the last month only now waking up. September has come and gone in such a blur I can hardly remember it.

Seems the moment the semester begins the days just seem to fly by. When I’m not teaching class my time is filled going to committee meetings, sponsoring club activities and the dreaded task of grading. Speaking of grading, I’m really behind on that, in fact I’m just kind of behind in general.

Right before the Labor Day holiday I came down with a cold, and was even forced to call in sick a few days. I hate doing that because my students are paying to come to class, so the least I can do is show up right? Oh, then again I don’t want to get them sick. Anyways, the cold got me behind a few days, and just when I thought I had it beat my dreaded persistent cough returned.

I try to get some motivation from the inspiring word on my Halls wrappers.
I try to get some motivation from the inspiring word on my Halls wrappers.

My horrible cough, first developed last spring, when I caught walking pneumonia. The pneumonia went away, but not the cough. Most of the summer I tried different medication, until it was decided that acid reflux was the cause of my cough. They prescribed my the little purple pill, and voila the cough went away. That is until, I caught the cold and the cough came back. Even the purple pill didn’t help.

More doctor appointments and they prescribed me an inhaler, thinking it might be asthma brought on by allergies. It hasn’t helped really, and now I need to go see a pulmonary specialist, oh joy.

My inhaler, I'm reluctant to take.
My inhaler, I’m reluctant to take.

Thus, you can see I haven’t really been up to doing much, especially in the way of blog posting. Not to mention the coughing keeps me up most of the night so I haven’t been getting much sleep. Saturday, I had planned to catch up on grading, but instead my need for sleep caught up with me. After getting up throughout the night somewhere around 5:30 in the morning I finally just past out and slept till about 1:00 pm.

Despite my issues, and many used tissues, I have been working away on some side projects. Like Get Creative Today for example. I’ve also been working on a Halloween maternity costume for my sister @FateBee. I’ve also been working on several web projects, one for the Transitions Conference being held at the University, and then another for my department (Graphics and Imaging Technologies).

Even when I’m sick I don’t seem to take it easy and relax. My hubby says this is why I still have a cough, because I’m working on all these projects; plus a really exciting one I’m working on with our student organizations, but I’ll announce that latter.

Anyways, I seem to be rambling now, and all I really wanted to say was sorry I haven’t been around lately. Sorry about the lack of posts, and activity on my social networks. Now that it’s practically October (the best month, like ever) I hope to be awaken from my September blues, and get back on track with things.


In other words expect to see more going on around here.

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