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Cold and Busy

This week has been extremely cold and busy.

Last weekend, while preparing for our winter snowstorm of the year, I managed to finally finish my January, sewing project. I had some issues which I’ll discuss in an up coming post.

Tuesday it snowed all day, dumping about 3″-4″ of snow on the ground. Lucky though we had a snow day so we didn’t have to get out in it.

I spent my snow grading, though I did later treat myself to fresh backed chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
My Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, good on a cold day

Wednesday I spent the morning at the pulmonary doctor’s office. If you recall last spring I caught walking pneumonia, and ever since then I haven’t been able to shake this persistent cough.

About a month or so the pulmonary doctor prescribe me some new meds and the seems to have gone away, yay!

Wednesday’s appointment was just a check up, and while they still don’t know what caused my coughing, I was told to go head and slowly reduce my dosage of medication, and hopefully the cough will stay gone.

Wednesday night I stayed up till almost 2am baking cupcakes for my students. Since my husband can’t digest sugar and I don’t need any, when I get in a baking mood I end up baking for our student organizations.

Raspberry Red Velvet White Chocolate Cupcakes
Raspberry Red Velvet White Chocolate Cupcakes

Since it’s almost Valentine’s day, I made Raspberry Red Velvet White Chocolate Cupcakes . I’ll be posting a full article on them latter.

Thursday after a long day of teaching and meeting, I was so exhausted when I got home, having too little sleep the night before, I crashed just after 8 pm.

Friday, I was still tried and seemed to be a bit of a scatter brain all day. My hubby it appears had caught a cold, and I’m worried I maybe catching it. Regardless my sinus are killing me.

We've been using up all our boxes of Kleenex
We’ve been using up all our boxes of Kleenex

When I got home after teaching class on Friday, I was cheered up by a package I got in the mail. It was my Dorris Designs petticoat I ordered a few weeks ago.

I was so excited I opened it up and tried it on. I even tried it out with some of my dresses and skirts. Turns out I don’t have as many full enough outfits as I thought I did. But I will be remedying that as I start this weekend on my first ever circle skirt sewing project.

Dorris Designs Petticoat
I love my Dorris Designs Petticoat, can’t wait to wear it.

In other news, so far I’ve been keeping up with my #365outfits challenge. I’ve made it through just over 30 days, now. Other than repeating a skirt, but of course I paired it with a totally different outfit, I’ve had no repeats.

Join my #365outfits Challenge
Join my #365outfits Challenge

Also, don’t forget about my Shira Melody earring give away. You have until Feb 13th at 11:59 pm to enter. Don’t miss your chance.

Shira Melody Earring Giveawat
Shira Melody Earring giveaway

In the end sorry I’ve been kind of absentee this last week, I’ve just been too cold and busy. But now that the weather is slowly moving above the low teens and I have caught up on my sleep, I hope to get back to regular posting.

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