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Vintage inspired suit in green made by combining Tilly and the Buttons Delphine skirt, Butterick 6354 Bolero and Simplicity 1364 blouse.

Vintage Inspired Suit in Green

Way back in May I mentioned that I plan to join the Vintage Suit Sew-Along . I had some ideas for the what I wanted to make, and like with most of my current makes I was leaning towards a 1940’s or 1960’s style suit.

As you know life doesn’t always go according to plan. While I did eventually make a suite it’s not exactly from a vintage pattern, nor was it a suit pattern. Thus, making this more of a vintage inspired suit.

Simplicity 1364 Daisy Mod Version

By now you probably heard that Simplicity 1364 is my new favorite blouse pattern. So, while I was going through my ever growing fabric stash I came across some a yellow silk stretch like fabric with a very 60’s inspired daisy print.

Simplicity 1364 in Daisy Print
I love this colorful version of Simplicity 1364

I didn’t have too much of this fabric so I instantly thought I would make Simplicity 1364. It was perfect.

Delphine Skirt in Green Linen

While I love wearing my Simplicity 1364 blouses with jeans and capris, I wanted to pair this new yellow blouse with a skirt.

During Me Made May, I also found that I was in need of more skirts. I wanted to make something quick and easy.

I decided to go with one of my favorite skirt patterns , the Delphine Skirt from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes.

I’m made several versions of this skirt, including a pink denim one, a hack one with patch pocket and floral cotton one.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine skirt in green
I love this green version of the Delphine skirt

This skirt has the best fit, is super easy to make and has a 60’s aline look to it.

I decided I wanted to make a green skirt, since green is my favorite color. Plus, I thought green would pull the colors from the blouse.

In my stash I had a lovely kelly green cotton linen type fabric. It was perfect for this project.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt belt loops
Love the belt loops and addition of the belt from Simplicity 1354

I made the skirt with belt loops and made a belt from the blouse fabric. It was a great pairing.

Matching Bolero using Butterick 6354

I had a little bit of the green fabric left over and wanted to make myself a matching suit blazer to go with the skirt.

The original plan was to make vintage Simplicity 3582, but after preparing the pattern I discovered I didn’t have enough fabric.

Akram's Ideas : Simplicity 3582
There wasn’t enough fabric for my first pattern choice

I spent a long time debating my options. Then while working on a different project using Butterick 6354 , it dawned on me that I had enough green fabric to make the bolero from this project.

Akram's Ideas : Butterick 6354
Butterick 6354 bolero really made this suit

While I now had a plan, the project was once again put on hold while I packed and moved. Over the past weekend though I managed to find my cut out bolero and finally finish this project.

The Vintage Inspired Suit

While it wasn’t the vintage suit I had wanted to make, some how these individual pieces came together to make a vintage inspired 1960’s green suit.

Akram's Ideas: Vintage Inspired Suit in Green
I love how this suit came out

The bolero and skirt go so well together, and make the perfect summer suit, even if it’s now practically autumn.

While I can wear this suit combo with other blouses, the pairing with my daisy Simplicity 1364 is so good, I just hate to mess with a sure thing.

Akram's Ideas: Vintage Inspired Suit in Green
From the colors to the print everything about this suit is so me

I decided to accessorize the outfit with more of my new bracelets a pair of bracelets and a vintage hat. I just the mix of 40s/60s look of the whole ensemble.

This whole outfit so me, professional, yet whimsical.

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Vintage inspired suit in green made by combining Tilly and the Buttons Delphine skirt, Butterick 6354 Bolero and Simplicity 1364 blouse.


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