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Akram's Ideas: Mix & Match Hack - Delphine skirt & Megan dress

Mix Match Hack – Delphine Skirt & Megan Dress

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Last month I wrote about my new favorite skirt, the Delphine skirt. I made this skirt using the Delphine pattern from the book “Love at First Stitch”  by  Tilly Walnes of Tilly and the Buttons.

I loved the way it turned out so much I made a second skirt. Because of my limitations on fabric I had to do a bit of a hack on the second skirt, but it still came out fabulous.

Well, as it so happens I loved my Delphine skirt so much, I decided to make yet a third version on this skirt.

For this new version I decided to make it out of this lovely black floral cotton I had in my stash. I loved the colors and thought a nice cotton skirt would be great for the summer.

Black floral fabric from my stash
Black floral fabric from my stash

After cutting out the pieces for the skirt, I discovered that I had some fabric left that maybe I could make a matching shirt out of. The question was what to make?

I fiddled with all sorts of pattern ideas, but none of them fit the small amount of fabric I had left. I really liked the idea of a matching shirt to go along with the skirt, and was stumped what to do.

Thus, comes my hubby to the rescue. He suggested that I use the leftover fabric for the front of the shirt and find some contrasting fabric for the back. This mixing of fabric patterns is exactly what I did on my #VintagePledge Simplicity 5022 shirt.

As luck would turn out I didn’t have anything in my stash that went well with my black floral, so I ended up get a red tone on tone polka dot cotton quilting fabric from Joann’s. I really liked how the red matched up with the red flowers in my original fabric.

Close up of the mixed fabric on the finished shirt
Close up of the mixed fabric on the finished shirt

Now that I had the fabric I still needed a shirt pattern. After mulling it over quite a while and looking through the  “Love at First Stitch” book, I finally had made a decision. I have been wanting to attempt the Megan dress from the book, but wasn’t quite ready to do so. Then I thought what if I made a Megan shirt instead?

Basically I traced out the Megan Dress pattern, both the top and bottom half as a single piece, eliminating the high waist. Then I cut to just above the hip or so, to create a shirt length. I added the back zipper as directed by the original dress pattern, only using a 12” zipper instead.

Back of shirt, paired with the matching skirt
Back of shirt, paired with the matching skirt

This worked out great! Since it is a summer dress I decided to make the shirt sleeveless. I’m really glad I did because by the time I finished the dress the temperature had risen to the upper 100s.

Since the entire back of the shirt was sewn in the red polka dot fabric, I felt I needed to tie it back into the skirt too. To do this I added a contrasting band at the bottom of my skirt.

This dress can be worn professional or casual
This dress can be worn professional or casual

I absolutely love Delphine skirt & Megan dress hack. It’s both a fun casual set and professional when paired with my red blazer. Plus because it’s made up of separates I can now extend my wardrobe. The skirt can be worn with a black or red shirt. The shirt itself looks great with my denim capris or with a pair of jeans.

Finally to top it all off, I had a bit of red polka dot fabric left, that I went ahead and made the Brigitte Scarf, also from the book “Love at First Stitch”  as matching accessory.

Matching Bridgette scarf
Matching Bridgette scarf


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Akram's Ideas: Mix & Match Hack - Delphine skirt & Megan dress

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