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My Delphine Collection – #OWOP

The last week of November was the One Week One Pattern #OWOP challenge hosted this year by Sheona from Sewisfaction.

The idea is that you wear one pattern all week. Either multiple versions of a pattern, of the same garment, styled differently. You do not have to rush to sew up a full week of garments these could be items you already have in your wardrobe, they just must be all the same pattern.

I really enjoy this challenge because it allows you to show off the many versions of a pattern you’ve made over time.

The Delphine Skirt

One of my favorite patterns is the Delphine skirt from book Love at First Stitch by Tilly & the Buttons. This is a simple A-line skirt that is very quick and easy to whip up.

Over the past four years or so I’ve made a good amount of Delphine skirts and thought it’s perfect for this challenge. After taking part I thought I’d share a quick recap of all the Delphine skirts in my collection.

Plum Textured Delphine

This skirt I made out of a heavy weighted textured plum colored fabric. I also lined it in lightweight marron cotton and added pockets. This is a great Delphine for the winter because of the heavy textured fabric.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in purple
Love how the texture and color pop on this skirt

Brown Linen Delphine

My brown linen Delphine probably gets worn the most because it matches with so many things. This Delphine is also lined and of course, pockets added.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in brown
This brown Delphine is also worn a lot

Pink Denim Delphine

While my brown Delphine is probably my most worn, my pink denim one is probably my least worn. I wasn’t’ sure that a denim skirt is really office appropriate but after wearing it to work during the #OWOP challenge, I think know one really even noticed that it was denim. So, I might actually attempt to wear this more often.

Me posing in my pretty pink Delphine skirt
I need to wear my pink Delphine skirt more often

Nautical Cord Delphine

The #OWOP challenge takes place in late fall early winter, which sometimes makes it a challenge. So my nautical Delphine in a navy corduroy fabric wasn’t something I would normally consider wearing in the colder weather. But I thought I’d give it a try and pair it with some tights.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in Navy
I really love the nautical look of this navy cord, Delphine

Woolen Plaid Delphine

I had a woolen ¾ circle skirt that was one of my earliest sewings makes. However, I never really wore it, it was not lined itched like crazy, not to mention the zipper wasn’t put in all that well. So, I decided to take it apart and convert it to a more wearable skirt.

Sharing my 2018 One Week One Pattern #OWOP round up and my complete Delphine Skirt collection.
Glad I managed to refashion this woolen skirt to a Delphine

Needless to say, I turned it into a Delphine skirt and yes this time lined this skirt and added pockets. I’m really glad I refashioned this make because I get so much more wear out of it, plus I needed warmer Delphine skirts for the winter.

Yellow Linen Delphine

This summer I made a yellow linen Delphine which I do love. It’s so bight a cheery and had fun wearing it despite the temperatures moving into winter. While I do love this yellow Delphine I also get frustrated wearing it because I totally forgot to add pockets to it.

My accidental Snow White cosplay made using Tilly & the Buttons Mimi blouse and Delphine skirt.
Still upset I forgot to add pockets to my yellow Delphine

Denim Delphine Hack

My very first Delphine was made out of denim which I did not really have enough for the Delphine to cut on the fold for the front or have enough for the waistband. So I added a front center seam and used a blue and white floral cotton for the waistband. I also added a fun heart-shaped patch pocket to the front.

Me posing in my Delphine hack skirt
My very first Delphine and it was a bit of a hack

More Delphine Skirts

The list above concludes all the Delphine skirts that I wore during the #OWOP challenge but that is not all of the Delphine’s in my collection.

Black Floral Delphine

I have a lovely black floral Delphine that I hacked with a bottom band in contrasting red. I also made a top in the same black floral so when paired together it looks like a dress.

This dress can be worn professional or casual
Love the hacked bottom band for this floral Delphine

Green Linen Delphine

Lastly, I have a green linen Delphine that I also made a matching bolero for. When paired together I have a super cute kind of 40’s Cabana style suit in my opinion.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine skirt in green
I love this green version of the Delphine skirt

I’d love to know in the comments below if you took part in the #OWOP challenge and what pattern you picked?

Sharing my 2018 One Week One Pattern #OWOP round up and my complete Delphine Skirt collection.

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