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Taking part in #OWOP16 I choose the Delphine Skirt pattern from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes.

A Week of Delphine Skirts #OWOP16

Earlier this month was the “One Week One Pattern” or #OWOP16 challenge hosted by Cinderellis Sews.

The idea behind this challenge was to wear garments made from one pattern of your choice, every day for one week. I choose the Delphine Skirt from the  the Delphine Skirt from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes.

The Delphine Skirt

The Delphine skirt is a basic a-line skirt with a 60’s inspired look and mini length.

This skirt is so super easy to make and has a great fit. I choose this skirt as my #OWOP16 pattern because I already had 4 versions of this skirts.

Previous Makes

My first version was a  pink denim one, which I included belt loops. After making this skirt I knew I had to make more.

My Pink Delphine Skirt
My Pink Delphine Skirt

I followed with another denim version this time I did sort of a  Delphine hack version, with patch pocket.

Heart patch pocket
Heart patch pocket

My third version was a  floral cotton which included a contrasting band to give it more length.

Back of shirt, paired with the matching skirt
Back of shirt, paired with the matching skirt

In May I made a green cotton linen one, which I recently wrote about in my vintage inspired suite post. This skirt features belt loops and an added 3 inches to give it more a midi length.

Akram's Ideas: Vintage Inspired Suit in Green

Latest Additions

Since I already had 4 skirts, that meant I only needed 3 more versions to make it a full week with this pattern.

Nautical Navy Delphine Skirt

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in Navy
I’ve wanted to make this variation for a long time

For quite sometime I’d been wanting to make a nautical navy version, complete with gold buttons. I used a navy corduroy fabric for this project. I also had a whole jar buttons that were just perfect for this skirt.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in Navy
I love these buttons

Autumn Pocketed Delphine Skirt

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in brown
This brown version will get lots of autumn wear

The next version was a brown linen cotton skirt. I need more brown skirts in my wardrobe and this fabric seemed to be perfect. Since this skirt was to be worn mostly in autumn, I choose to line it to give more warmth to it. I also added belt loops and pockets. Because I like pockets.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in brown
I love the addition of the pocket

I used the pocket pattern piece from McCalls 4769 shirt dress pattern, mainly because I had the pattern handy. Any side seam pocket would probably work. I lined up the pocket at the top of the skirt pieces, and it seemed to be in just the right place. 

Warm Purple Delphine Skirt

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in purple
The color of this skirt is lovely

Lastly, I had a quilted textured purple-maroon colored fabric that I just thought would be lovely as a Delphine skirt. Like the brown one I choose to line this skirt, add pockets and give it belt loops.

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt Purple Lining
I love how the lining of my purple skirt came out

All three of these latest skirts I went ahead and gave the extra 3 inches of lengths, just so I could wear them to work without the need of tights.

Delphine Love Grows

The Delphine skirt is probably the most used pattern in my collection. Most of the time I make a pattern maybe 2 or 3 times. Mainly because I have so many patterns in my collection it seems silly to keep making the same one over and over again.

However, sometimes you just don’t want to mess with a sure thing. When it comes to a quick and easy skirt that I know will look good on me and fits well, I can’t help but gravitate towards the Delphine skirt.

I enjoyed participating in #OWOP16 challenge! I really love my makes and pattern choice for this year. Be warned this is most likely not the last we’ve seen of the Delphine skirt.

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Taking part in #OWOP16 I choose the Delphine Skirt pattern from the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes.


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