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2018 Sewing Review

As 2018 comes to an end I thought I would wrap up with a look back at some of my favorite makes of 2018.

This is year was very productive and I made a lot of stuff, which you can catch most of in my past posts and vlogs.

However, in this post I want to focus on three items, in particular, my proudest make, most fun make and most made pattern of the year.

My Proudest Make

Okay, so the first thing is my proudest make of 2018 which I only made during Thanksgiving break last month and is not a garment.

This year’s proudest make is my gold brocade sofa slipcover. This thing was a beast to make. I didn’t have a pattern and to literally pin fabric around the sofa to get the pieces together and it was just a fiddly project at most.

Taking a look back at 2018 and sharing my latest autumn makes, my fave patterns of the year, my most fun makes and of course my proudest make of the year.
Every time I set on this sofa I feel happy

Despite how difficult it was I managed to make it and it came out amazingly! I had a very modern white canvas sofa and I wanted it to fit in better with my Victorian décor in the living room. Instead of investing in a new sofa, I decided to by some gold brocade sofa throws which I found on Walmart.com for $7 dollars on clearance and cut them up to make a to fit slipcover with actual slips for each cushion.

The slipcover makes the sofa fit in and looks just how I wanted it to! Truly a proud make.

Most Fun Make 

My most fun make was definitely my gold dress for the #sewingfrosting challenge. This was a project that I didn’t plan and just put together on a whim. It’s also slightly impractical, I mean where will I wear a gold dress to?

What is cake without frosting? Sharing my little gold dress I made for the #sewfrosting sewing challenge.
This dress is so over the top, but I love it

Impractical or not, I really do love the look of this dress, the fit and oddly enough the way I’m completely camouflaged when I set on my sofa with this dress on.

Most Made Pattern

This year I experimented with a lot of patterns this year, but I have to say hands down my most made pattern is the Honeycomb dress and shirt from Coco Wawa Crafts.

This shirtwaist dress features a mandarin collar, gathered skirt or peplum and tie bows on the waist and sleeves.

Pattern review for the Honeycomb dress and shirt pattern from CocoWawa Crafts. This delightful pattern features princess seams, mandarin collar and gathered skirt or peplum with bow ties.
I made two different Honeycomb dresses this summer

In total, I made two dress versions and two shirt versions. I just love them all. In fact, I might love the shirts a tad more, because I find them a little more often with jeans. Though I have worn the dresses all summer long.

Akram's Ideas: 2018 Sewing Review
I also made two Honeycomb tops and have plans for more

The pattern is great, and I can honestly say I plan to add more to my wardrobe in the coming year. 

I’d love to know in the comments below what your proudest, most fun and most made make of the year has been?

Taking a look back at 2018 and sharing my latest autumn makes, my fave patterns of the year, my most fun makes and of course my proudest make of the year.

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