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Akram's Ideas: Sew Fearless Challenge

Sew Fearless Challenge

Throughout the month of March, we want to encourage you to be #sewfearless and #sew the projects you’ve been maybe a little too fearful to get started on.


A while back me and my co-host, Megan from @Megan.Handmade were chatting about how there are several sewing projects on our to-make list that we just do not get around to even starting because we are too afraid. Whether it’s because the project is somewhat more advance than our skills, it’s rather time-consuming or it involves precious fabric we do not want to risk cutting into.

Really when you think about it, it’s silly to let fear hold us back from making the things we want. So we’ve decided to set this fun #sewingchallnege up to encourage all of you guys to be #SewFearless and tackle these projects. 

Akram's Ideas: Sew Fearless Challenge
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Sew Fearless Vlog Tour 

We’ve also teamed up with some amazing vloggers as part of the #SewFearless tour.

Monday, March 09: Deborah Rolston : Slap happy sewing

Saturday, March 14: Megan Sullivan : Megan Sullivan

Sunday, March 15: Alex Judgee : Alex judges Sews

Monday March 16 : Claire Roberts: Claire Who Makes Things

Wednesday, March 18: Maeve Fanningg

Sunday, March 22: Jayne Maill : Loopy mable’s closet

Friday, March 27: Laura Hawkins : The specky seamstress

Saturday, March 28: Akram Taghavi-Burris : Akram’s Ideas

Monday, March 30: Rebecca Skinner: Notes from the sewing room

Akram's Ideas: Sew Fearless Challenge

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