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Learn to Sew: Easy Throw Pillows

Several years ago, I wrote my very first sewing tutorial which just so happened to be how to make a pair simple throw pillows.

Recently my sister asked if I would make some throw pillows for the window seat in her newly redecorated kitchen.

Easy Throw Pillows

I thought this would be a great opportunity to update my pillow tutorial with a full how-to video.

What You’ll Need

For this project you are going to need a few things.

  • ¾ yard to 1 yard of fabric
  • Matching thread
  • White thread
  • 1 regular size pillow
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Preparing the Pillows

For this project we will be making rectangular throw pillows.

The first thing you’ll want to do is take your pillow and cut it in half. This will give you two pillows for the price of one.

Pin the open end closed. Then either hand stitch or use your sewing machine to close up the open end of the pillow.

Alternatively, you could just buy two small throw pillow sized pillows.

Making the Pillow Case

These throw pillows have a removable pillow case with an envelope opening. This makes it easy to wash and the envelope opening means no fiddling with zippers.

Cutting Your fabric

Start by cutting your 45-inch fabric into two rectangles 13-½ inches tall. The raw edges will be on the inside of the pillowcase so there is no need to finish. However, if you find your fabric fraying, finish the raw edge with a zigzag seam or use pinking shears.  

Folding the Envelope Pocket

Take one rectangle 45 X 13-½ inch rectangle and lay it right side facing up. Then take one end of the fabric and fold it over 9 inches. Of that 9 inches fold half back over itself. Pin the folds in place.

Flip your fabric over, so that the wrong side is facing up. On the other end of the rectangle fold over 1-½ inch fabric. Pin the fold in place.

Flip the fabric back over and line up your folds so that the 1-½ inch fold sets just on top of the 4-½ inch fold. Pin the folds on top of each other.

Sewing the Pillow Case

Then take your fabric and center the folds in the middle back of you pillow. Pin together the top and bottom opening of the pillow case.

Learn to sew easy throw pillows with envelope opening. Make 2 pillows with out of 1 regular bed pillow and 1 yard of fabric.

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