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Tuesday Toy: Inside my Toy Collection

Tuesday Toy: Inside My Toy Collection

I like to collect things, most vintage lovers do or we wouldn’t have what we call our vintage collection. I collect all sorts of things, from vintage hats, to patterns to snowmen to Coca-Cola. However, of all my collections my largest collection is my toy collection.

Yes, I am a grown woman with no children and I collect toys. I can’t help it. Whenever we go to the store, I’m like can we peak in the toy department, just for grins. Then I usually end up buying something.


My toy collection is broken up into sub –collections you might say. I’ve collected happy faces since I was 14 years old and while some are not exactly toys (I have a few happy face cookie jars and piggy banks) most are not only toys but stuffed plushies.

Sampling of my Happy Face collection
Sampling of my Happy Face collection

Other sub-collections include, Lego, Barbie dolls, Gundum, Anime toys, Disney Toys, and my news and growing collection of Lalaloopsies.

Toys in the Office

So, where do I keep all these toys? Before we moved into my current house, our old house was too small to display all the toys so most of which were boxed up. Then one day I say an interview with John Lasseter, creative director for Pixar and Walt Disney. In this particular interview Mr. Lasseter was in his office, which was filled with toys. Toys of all the Disney/Pixar films as well as other toys.

John Lasseter Office Full of Toys
John Lasseter Office Full of Toys

I thought I want an office like his. So, I started taking my toys to work and putting them on display in my office. When I got my job at Pittsburg State University I was so excited that had a whole wall of shelves, which I quickly filled with toys.

Displaying toys

I tend to organize toys by a theme if possible. I have all the Disney toys on one self. Another shelf for anime related toys.

Shelf of Anime toys
Shelf of Anime toys

I even have a few shelves dedicated to 1980’s toys.

A few of my 1980's Toys
A few of my 1980’s Toys

Yes that is the re-release of the 1986 Barbie and the Rockers. I had that doll growing up, and couldn’t help by buy the re-release. Though I was very upset that she didn’t come with the cassette tape, or at the very least an MP3 download of the Barbie and the Rockers songs. Fortunately though, I actually still had the original cassette tape from my doll growing up and stuffed it in the box with the new doll.

And yes more toys
And yes more toys

What Other’s think?

Your probably thinking what others might think of me, a university professor whose office is full of toys. Actually it’s rather complementary. My students love it! The first time they visit my office they are often distracted by all the toys and are like “wow”. I’ve even had some bring other classmates, friends, and even parents, by my office to show them my toys.

My office full of toys

My colleagues also enjoy my toy collection. I often get faculty and staff from other departments walk by my office and tell me that they were told to check out my office if they were ever in the area.


I love showing off my toys whether it be in the office or on my rows of shelves at home. They are a part of who I am, fun, silly, an occasional weirdo on a whim and everything in between.

I’ve seen a lot of people and even follow a few who share their toy collection in pictures on Instagram and that got me thinking that maybe I’d like to share my toy collection too.

So, I’ve decided that every Tuesday on Instagram I’ll be posting a picture of one of my many toys using the hashtag #TuesdayToy. I hope you’ll enjoy this series and I’d love to see your toy collection as well.

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Tuesday Toy: Inside my Toy Collection


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  • Oh my word, that is too awesome!!! I’m a huge toy fan as well (another cool point we share in common). I was especially into toy collecting in my early to mid-twenties, with a particular emphasis on Japanese toys. Though I did sell off a lot of that collection, in no small part to help fund our cross country move three years ago, I still love toys every bit as much as often and you can find evidence of that sprinkled around our house, with the bulk of my current collection residing in my office + photo studio room in the basement.

    What a fun, exciting treat to see so many of your fabulous favourites, including some toys that I remember from my own 80s/90s youth (like Strawberry Shortcake Dolls and Care Bear stuffies/plushes – I have a modern one of those myself :)).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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