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My Happy (craft) Room

My Happy Room

Like most creative people, to be creative you need a creative space to work. For me that creative space is what I call my “Happy Room” or in other words my craft room. 

This room is a spare bedroom upstairs, which is kind of attic shaped with the angular walls. I’m quit lucky to have such a large room for crafting, since at my previous home, I had a very small spare room that was mostly filled with my closet stuff. 

Besides being a room for me to do all my crafts, one of the main reason it’s known as my “happy” room is the many happy faces that are lined up on the shelves. 

My Happy Room
My happy face collection

I’ve collected happy faces since I was about 14 years old and since then I have a rather large collection, mostly of stuffed happies with a few ceramic banks and the like. 

My Happy Room
Yes more happy faces

Since we’ve moved in I’ve been working on making the room “happy”. I started with the paint, I knew I wanted to do a blue ceiling so that it would look like sky. Since the walls came down at an angle I thought I’d accent the lower half of the walls with white, for a nice crisp look. 

If you notice from my website layout, I like the whole sky and grass look, so while my ceiling was blue, I had gotten a large green shag carpet for the floor. It’s not the softest thing, but it’s was fun and it gave the look I was going for. 

Also, I don’t only collect happy faces,  I like other toys too, such as my Lala Loopsys, Disney figurines and Harry Potter Lego collection. 

My Happy Room
Long wall of toys

I did most of the painting my self, but I’m a relatively short person, at only 5′ 3″, and this room has like 10′ ceilings. Thus, I had to employ my husband to get on the tip-top of the ladder and paint at the very top places. 

One side of the room I set up as an entertainment cabinet. To make this I used two desks from Wal-Mart and sort of combined the them together. This way I could set a mini fridge and a microwave under the desk, and put my monitor on top, which is connected to my Nintendo Wii.

My Happy Room
The entertainment wall has my monitor, Wii, microwave and fridge.

I actually work out in this room every morning, with the Wii Fit games. I also have an exercising bike in one corner, which I can watch Netflix from the Wii and ride my bike on alternating days. 

My Happy Room
Here I have my exercising bike and dress form

On the east wall I have my dress form, and in the corner on the right I have a little sitting nook. The setting nook is actually one of my favorite bits of the room, because the cheap Wal-Mart red recliner is so cute with the old 70’s flower blanket I covered it in. The blanket I think is just adorable, with its flowers. I actually got it from my mother-in law, it was a present a baby present to my husband from his grand mother, his father’s mother. My mother-in law didn’t really care for it and of course being a boy, neither did my husband. But I loved the vintage look and on the chair it just looks so fun and cozy. 

My Flower Power sitting nook
My Flower Power sitting nook

My favorite color is “happy” apple green, so I ended up finding some bright green curtains that actually matched my rug, and I ‘ve got some very nice white butterfly curtain rods that they hang from. 

While I actually have a dining room table in the middle of the room for cutting fabric and the like, I have a corner desk to one side where I have my sewing machine and yes, a happy apple green swivel chair. 

My Happy Room
My sewing station

Another aspect of the room I really love is the fabric closet my hubby worked on. This small closet he transformed with shelves and lighting so I could organize and store all my fabric. 

Fabric Closet
Here you can see I’m trying to keep my fabric organized

I really like the room and it’s layout, it’s great for working on projects and I even have room to exercise, watch TV or read a book. 

My Happy Room
What craft room would be complete without a Holly Hobby

I’m not sure what the room really says about my personality though, since most of the room is filled with toys and the furniture is mostly all from the teen/dorm room selection at Wal-Mart. 

There’s still a lot I want to do this room. I’d like to create some sort of bulletin board going along the edge where the angle walls meet the white walls. I also have plans  to make a bunch of fluffy white clouds to hang from the ceiling. Then there’s some planes and ornaments that I plan to hang too. 

My Happy Room
This room just makes me happy

The room might seem a bit all over the place, but it’s all the stuff I love. The space is great for crafting and when I’m in it I feel creative and happy.

So there you have it my “Happy Room”.


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