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Holiday Cookie Gifts

This Holiday I wanted to make a DIY gift for friends and family. I decided that since I enjoyed baking I would put together Holiday Cookie Gifts. 

As you know I’ve been on a 12 day of Christmas cookie challenge. The plan was to make 12 cookies one each for the 12 days of Christmas. That was the plan anyways, but things happen. While I didn’t make 12 cookies I did manage to make 6 different cookies. In the end I had made about 4 dozen of each type of cookie which ended up being a little shy of 300 cookies or so. 

This meant I could place approximately 4 of each kind of cookie in the gift box for each person on my list. 

At first I wanted to buy cookie tins for this gift idea, but I was worried that the tins I found would be too small to contain all the cookies I wanted to send. Then I came across the disposable holiday Glad ware containers. For just $2.50 for two it was a great deal. I bought some square ones. Then I remembered I still had some round ones never used from last year as well. 

Cookies in Glad ware containers
Cookies in Glad ware containers

I used cupcake cups to separate the different cookies. I filled the cups with two cookies to a cup. The Hershey Holiday cookies were to tall to stack, so I had to settle for putting only one cookie per cupcake cup on those. I filled each container with a variety of cookies in no particular order. 

Cookies in cupcake cups
Cookies in cupcake cups

Since the square containers were slightly smaller than the round ones, I had to separate the cookies between two containers. To keep the gifts together I decided to stack the square containers, two tall and tie with a ribbon and top with a Christmas bow. The round ones I just added the bow. 

The gifts were easy enough to put together, that is after you get through with all the baking. I hope every one enjoys these Holiday Cookie Gifts and appreciate the work and love that went into each cookie. 

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