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Sharing a day in the life with this #Christmas edition of #sewing #vlogmas. This is part of the “Sew this is Vlogmas” sewing vlogger tour hosted by Laura of the Specky Seamstress.

Life of a University Professor

If you are curious, the life of a university professor is not as glamorous as it may sound. My days consist of lecturing, grading, and dreaded meetings. This week however is the week of finals, so our schedule is a little different as the times for classes are pushed back and extend to allow more time for students to take their exam. 

This particular day I only had two classes and only one of them was taken a final exam. 

The University of Tulsa

In case you are curious about the University where I work, I thought I’d share a little bit of its history. 

The University of Tulsa is a private school, that was founded in Muskogee, Indian Territory, in 1882 to offer primary education to young women of the Creek Nation. In 1894, the young school expanded to become Henry Kendall College, named in honor of Reverend Henry Kendall, secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Home Missions.

In 1907 the Tulsa Commercial Club (a forerunner of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce) decided to bid for the college and offered $100,000, 20 acres of real estate and a guarantee for utilities and streetcar service. Thus the school was moved to Tulsa and opened 2 months before Oklahoma became a state.

TU McFarlin Library
TU McFarlin Library

The Methodist Church, in 1918 proposed building a college in Tulsa, using money donated by Tulsa oilman Robert M. McFarlin. However, it was decided In 1920, that the Henry Kendall College would be merged with the proposed McFarlin College to become The University of Tulsa. 

With such a rich history it is no surprise that the campus is full of historical buildings and that the school manages the (through the Gilcrease Museum) one of the largest collections of American Western art and indigenous American artifacts in the world.

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