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My Remarkably Successful Holiday Sewing Makes

Time for a Sew ‘n’ Tell all about my holiday sewing makes, which I got done early, for the first time ever 😱

Holiday Sewing Makes

Like many sewers, I love giving handmade gifts for the holidays. The problem often is that I take on a bit more than I can complete.

To simplify things I decided that I would make everyone the same thing 😃

The Miss Maggie Handbag

Since I was sewing primarily for the females in my family I decided to make all of them the Miss Maggie Handbag from Emmaline Bags

As you might recall I shared a sew-along for the Miss Maggie Handbag in September for the #Sewtember2019 challenge.

The pattern straight forward and includes some nice professional details. Not to mention that this pattern is free, makes it very accessible.

Same Bag So May Ways

While I made everyone the same Bag, they all turned out so differently.

The bags I made in September, which were intended as gifts from the beginning, were made from quilting cotton.

Akram's Ideas: Miss Maggie Handbag Summer
I made these three bags as part of the sew-along

I didn’t think about it but my sister who received the orange paisley pattern said it looked very “Vera Bradley”.

A simple pink purse with an applique flower on the front, I made for my niece.

The next one I made was a glistening white linen bag lined in a shimmery pink and white abstract zebra print. I love how slick the silver hardware looks with this bag.

Akram's Ideas: Miss Maggie Handbag White
This white one is made from white linen with a silver glisten to it

I made a total of 3 faux suede bags lined in dark paisley like fabric. I also sewed with faux leather for the first time ever to make the straps. One of these bags went to the last of my three sisters, one went to my co-worker and I kept the last one for myself.

Akram's Ideas: Miss Maggie Handbag suede
I made 3 versions of this suede Miss Maggie Handbag

Finally, I made two Christmas themed bags using a Father Christmas print. I changed up the look of these bags by sewing-in the straps and omitting the side snaps for shaping. These went to my mom and mother-in-law.

Akram's Ideas: Miss Maggie Handbag Xmas
This Miss Maggie Handbag is made from a Christmas print quilting cotton

Couple Sweaters

Since I managed to get all my gift sewing completed so early I had time to make my hubby a handmade gift.

While on a Walmart run I stumbled upon a beautiful fleece backed jersey throw in a few different colors. Now I had already been warned by my hubby that we didn’t need any more throws for our home. But these were so cozy. Then I thought I could just buy them and use them as fabric. Needless to say, I bought a pink one and one in a grey-blue tone.

DIBY Men’s Basic Tee

I decided to make my hubby a cozy sweater top but didn’t know what pattern to use.

After browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon the Men’s Basic Tee by Do It Better Yourself (DIBY) patterns.

DIBY is a new to me pattern company, and as it turns out they have several free patterns available, including this tee.

Akram's Ideas: DIBY Mens Tee Blue
Hubby says this sweater is like wearing a blanket

I must say I love the layout and instructions of DIBY patterns, they are excellent.

The overall pattern came together so quick and easy. Best of all my hubby loves it! He says it’s like wearing a blanket, pun intended 🤣

Uvita Top Hack

Since hubby’s sweater came together so quickly, I decided to make a matching couple sweater for myself.

During #Sewtember2019 challenge, Megan from Megan Handmade did a sew-along for Itch to Stitch Uvita Top. Another free tee pattern that featured a semi-loose fit and drop-shoulder.

Akram's Ideas: Uvita Top Pink
This is the snuggliest sweater ever!

While sewing up this top I decided to do a bit of a hack and add a roll neck to the neckline. It worked out wonderfully.

For a while, the Toaster Sweater from Sew House Seven has been my TNT when it came to sweater tops, but I don’t know, 2020 may end up being the year of the Uvita Top 🤔

Your Holiday Sewing

There you have all the holiday sewing makes I got done this past season. I’d love to know in the comments below if you took part in any holiday sewing and what did you make?

Akram's Ideas: Holiday Sewing

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