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Last Epic Fabric Haul of 2018

In late September as an early birthday present my Hubby offered to take me fabric shopping. If a frequent Akram’s Ideas reader, then you know that I buy all my fabric second had. Thus, when my hubby offered me to take me fabric shopping I knew I wanted to go to Joplin, Missouri. 

Fabric Shopping in Joplin

Joplin, Missouri is just under a 2-hour drive from Tulsa, and while Tulsa has some great antique stores, the ones in Joplin have several large booths that sell only fabric, making it worth the drive. 

Our trip to Joplin is by way of Kansas, in which we always stop in the town of Crestline. There is a small shop called Peddler’s Junction that also always has a nice selection of fabric. 

You are probably thinking that driving across state lines for fabric is crazy, but all the fabric I get is a $1 a yard or less. Granted I have to buy the full amount of yardage, I still call it a great bargain. 

Too Much Fabric for one Video

Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard with this particular haul. So, much so that I even had to break up the video into two parts. 

First, it was a birthday haul, so keep that in mind. This would also be the last trip to Joplin for the rest of the year. My busy schedule and events would keep me from having another free weekend to head up that way. 

Then of course, if you’ve watched part two you’ll know that there was a new fabric seller at the Rangeline Antiques selling fabric bundles, and I got overly excited. 

Needless to say that well I spent about $300 in total for all the fabrics total. Yes, that’s crazy!!  

Though I did say it was a birthday present, and well I got a ton of fabric. What will I do with it all? I’m not sure, but I have a hard time letting such deals slip through my fingertips. 

Fabric Buying Ban

With so much fabric I really need to stop and assess what I have in my stash. So with that said, I’m temporarily on a fabric buying ban. Temporarily because I’m not sure how long I can commit for.  I know, I’m hopeless. 

The goal is to not buy any fabric for the rest of the year and possibly not until summer vacation. We shall see how well I do. 

Despite buy horrible fabric buying addiction, I still think I came home with some lovely finds. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below, your thoughts on the fabric. Which were your faves, and what do you suggest I make with any and all of it. 

As an early birthday present my husband took me to Joplin, Missouri to do some antiquing and what would become my last epic fabric haul of 2018.

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