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I don’t come across vintage clothes often but  in today’s “Fave Finds” I’m sharing some vintage clothes, hats, accessories, and more#sewingpatterns, from my recent thrift haul

Vintage Clothes and Accessories

As I’ve said in the past it’s rare for me to stumble upon vintage clothes that actually fit. However, here lately I seem to be doing just that. 

While not all of the finds are “true vintage” the novelty cardigans I came upon just had to go home with me. 

I know I probably don’t need any more hats what so ever, but I couldn’t resist a good deal and let’s face it, it’s a cute hat. 

Sewing Goodies

Vintage patterns are one of my weaknesses. As you know the hobby of sewing and the hobby of pattern collecting are two different hobbies, and let’s just say my pattern collecting one is getting a bit crazy. Though my hubby tells me I’m not collecting them to make them all (I couldn’t if I tried) but more for the preservation and archival of the patterns. 

The Shops

All these Fave Finds came from my local vintage shops which include:

Akram's Ideas: October Finds

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