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Amazing Vintage Patterns, A Holiday Haul

A behind the scenes look at my holiday haul including some amazing vintage patterns and other sewing related items, gifted by my hubby.

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Holiday Haul

When it comes to gift-giving my hubby always knows what to get me. Of course, it does help that I gave him my Amazon wishlist 😅

I’m pretty practical when it comes to shopping so I did not have any really outrageous requests on my wishlist. Most of the list consisted of a few sewing items that I wanted for a long while but had never gotten around to actually purchasing. 

Sewing Machine Feet 

While making those holiday purses I talked about in my holiday makes post, I discovered I needed to get a Teflon foot for sewing through pleather. My main sewing machine is a vintage Bernia Recorder 830 and if you have one you’ll know that feet for Bernia machines are in my opinion highly overpriced. 

Since my other machines are Singers and Brothers, which both use low shank feet, which as it so happens do not cost nearly as much. I thought if I could somehow adapt the Bernia to use low shank feet, I could get a set of feet that all my machines could use. 

Akram's Ideas: Sewing Foot Adpater
This Bernia low shank adapter foot is worth it!

As it turns out I managed to find just that from a brand called HoneySew. I’ve bought replacement serger knives from HoneySew before on Amazon and were happy with their products, so I figured they would be a good brand to try this so-called adapter. 

The adapter was just what I needed and since it worked so well, I decided to get a second one as well as invest in an assortment of low shank sewing machine feet. 

Akram's Ideas: Sewing Feet
Can’t wait to start learning about all these sewing machine feet

Purse Hardware

As I mentioned earlier I wanted the sewing machine feet because I’d been sewing some purses. Well, it’s no surprise that I had a bunch of purse hardware on my wishlist. 

I’d been wanting some purse chain straps, gold purse strap anchors and some turn clasp closures. One other item I’d wanted was a special pair of pliers used for pressing the strap anchors on to the purse. 

Hubby got me all of these items, and I can’t wait to use them. The funny thing is that most of these purse hardware will be used for items I eventually plan to gift. So I was gifted things that I’ll use to gift to someone else 🤣

Rotary Cutter

I already had a 60mm and 25mm rotary cutter, but I’d been to try those wavy blades that cut, kind of like pinking shears. The problem is that I could only ever find them in 45mm. 

Akram's Ideas: Rotary Cutter
I really like Fiskars brand cutters

It wasn’t something I really needed but it was nice to have, so I add the 45mm rotary cutter on the list along with some blades. 

Hubby not only got me the cutter and wavy blades but a few regular replacement blades as well. 

Screw Driver

Not specifically sewing related but for a while now I’ve been wanting a new electric screwdriver. I had a little Blacken Decker one, I had for years, but it finally gave up the ghost last summer. 

I didn’t need anything fancy I just wanted something I could use to drill in screws for assembling things and the like. My only request was that it could pivot from a standard long screwdriver position to a pistol position. Hubby knew exactly what I needed and even found one in pink color. 

Akram's Ideas: Electric Screwdriver
Pink power tools are the way to go

All My Amazon Gifts

If you fancy getting any one of the items above you can order them off of Amazon here:

Vintage Patterns & More

As you know both me and my hubby love antiquing. We’ve been antiquing together for a long while now, so he knows exactly the kind of stuff, I like, so I shouldn’t be surprised that he got me a whole box of vintage goodies. Funny thing is, he bought these while we were antiquing together, I just didn’t notice. 

Akram's Ideas: Beaded Purse
The turquoise beading lovely on this vintage bag

The first one is this beaded purse which I picked up in the store and was like isn’t this lovely. I thought it had a very Native American look to it but upon closer inspection, it turns out was made in Italy. 

Akram's Ideas: Beaded Purse Inside
This beaded purse was handmade in Italy

I’m always on the look for vintage buttons, and hubby managed to spot a few, including some nautical ones. 

Akram's Ideas: Vintage Buttons
My hubby knows I love vintage buttons

Now for the piece de resistance, a full shoebox full of vintage patterns. Most of them are from the 60’s but there are a few that might be from the late 40’s. The amazing thing is that the majority of the patterns are the right size for fitting the upper bust, which means I only need to do a few minor adjustments to make it work everywhere else. 

Akram's Ideas: Vintage Patterns
This box of vintage patterns was a big surprise

What Did You Get? 

This Christmas I was gifted a lot of great stuff including gift cards, an Instapot from my Mom and some bath stuff from my sisters. However, it was my hubby who gifted me these great sewing related gifts. 

Did you get any sewing related gifts this holiday? What was your favorite item you got? 

Akram's Ideas: Holiday Haul 2019

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