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#GiveBooks this Holiday

I’ve given my pledge to #GiveBooks this holiday season. In order to share the love of reading, support local booksellers and promote literacy!

The #GiveBooks campaign is the work of Chronicle Books and First Book.

For every #GiveBooks tweet, pin or online pledge the group will donate a book to a child in need.

It’s a great idea and an easy way to help promote reading and a different kind of gift giving mentality.

The #GiveBooks campaign goal is for 10,000 plus people to pledge to give books this holiday season.

Personally I think it’s a great idea and am proud to say I’ve already made my pledge. In fact I actually already bought some book gifts prior to hearing about this campaign, so it was a no brained for me to participate.

I think it’s important for more children to read more. While I love my iPad and yes I get a lot of my news via the web, when it comes to recreational reading nothing beats holding a book in your hands.

It maybe because my first job at 15 was working in a library, but I just love the smell of the paper in a new book, and the sound of a page turning as you get one step closer to the end of the story.

My favorite books are fantasy, sci-fi and mystery. This holiday I’m hoping to actually finish an Agatha Christi Poirot novel I started sometime ago.

What better gift can one give than to share the love of reading with others?

To learn more about the #GiveBooks campaign or to make your online pledge visit:

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