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Akram's Ideas: Lalaloopsy Easy Bake Oven Review

Lalaloopsy Oven Great Gift Idea

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I am a huge Lalaloopsy fan, and am an avid collector of the loopsy minis. I have so many of them, I even have the lalaloopsy doll house, remote control car, school bus, tree house and Farris wheel.

I love their adorable stitched look and the story about each one being stitch from something. A while this may sound odd for an adult with no children I even signed up for the Lalaloopsy insider (fan club). As part of the lalaloopsy insider I recently got asked if I would review one of their products, and I jumped at the chance!

Coral Seas is just one of the many Lalaloopsy dolls in my collection
Coral Seas is just one of the many Lalaloopsy dolls in my collection

At first I thought they would be sending me one of the new Lalaloopsy Girl dolls as that is sort of their new line of dolls. However, I was quite surprised when I instead received the new Lalaloopsy Baking Oven.

The oven wasn’t something I was especially interested in, since I collect the dolls and well what would I do with an easy-bake oven.

Though, as a kid I never had an easy-bake oven ( maybe if I had one I would have found my love of cooking earlier on) and had always wondered how good a baking machine this child’s toy would be.

Lalaloopsy Easy Bake Instructions
Lalaloopsy Oven Instructions

Also, at the moment I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and being without an oven is no fun. So, when I suddenly got the urge to bake, I was like, let’s try my Lalaloopsy oven out.

First off I have to say its adorable! This pink oven comes with the cutest heart-shaped measuring spoons, which are labeled with pinch, dash, sprinkle.

Lalaloopsy Measuring Sppons
Lalaloopsy Measuring spoons

The oven also comes with a small cake pan for baking and spatula for placing and removing the cake pan.

I also really liked the non-traditional cookie cutters, or should I say cookie mold. I really like this, because you need space to roll out dough and use cookie cutters. For a kid or a person without a kitchen, you maybe limited on space. With the mold you can just grab a little scoop of dough in your hard and press in the mold. Pop the dough back out and you have a prefect shaped cookie. In fact the mold is so cut, I might just use it for cake pops.

Cookie mold
Cookie mold

The oven itself came with a strawberry cake and sugar cookie mix. I started with the cake mix which requires only adding water to the mix.

You will need a small mixing bowl and whisk, or a spoon to mix the batter. I think it would have been cute if the oven set included the bowl and whisk, but oh well.

The mix was easy to put together and pour in the pan. I used the spatula as directed to place the pan into the oven, pushing all the spatula in to the first notch, and baked for 12-minutes.

After cake is mixed it is placed in the oven opening slot
After cake is mixed it is placed in the oven opening slot

It would have been nice for the oven to have had a timer, but it does not.

After 12-minutes, your supposed to move the pan to the cooling chamber for 5-minutes. Using the spatula and pushing it into the oven to the second notch.

To remove the pan you place the spatula through the other end of the over which dips down and lifts the pan on to the spatula. This was easier said than done. The pan slid off the spatula, before it came out, but was now past the lift point so I couldn’t get it back on the spatula. I ended up getting an oven mitt and tilting the oven so the pan would fall out.

Getting the cake out of the oven proved to be tricky
Getting the cake out of the oven proved to be tricky

Luckily the pan wasn’t too hot, in fact it was more like pulling something warm from a microwave.

Now how was the cake? Awful, it tasted like warm Lucky Charms very artificial. However, I see a lot of these cake in a mug recipes online that use a small portion of a regular cake mix in the microwave, but if I tried I could get it to work with this easy-bake oven.

Pretty but not tasty
Pretty but not tasty

Over all thoughts on this product, is that its super cute. While it’s not hard to set up, you do need to let it pre-heat for 20-minutes.

Also, it’s not too hot and the oven is all inclosed, so it unlikely for a child to burn themselves, unlikely but not impossible.

Lastly, you’ll need extra accessories like a bowl, spoon/whisk, a timer and don’t forget the pan removal is tricky. In the end I highly recommend adult supervision when using this product, unless like me, your 33 years-old and need only minor supervision.

I don’t think for me personally it would be practical to use this little oven regularly or really ever again for that matter (however I’d still like to try a real cake mix in it). In the end I love how cute this oven is that I think I might set it on the counter in my new kitchen as a display to add a bit of whimsy.

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