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Sew ‘n’ Tell – What I Sewed in Spring

Alright, I finally got around to doing laundry and taking photos so I can finally share my spring sewing makes! 

Spring 2018 Sew ‘n’ Tell 

Usually, I don’t make many garments each month, so I usually just share my seasonal makes. However, I found since I had the month of May off, I actually pretty much, made something every week if not two things a week. This means there are a lot of makes, so you are in for a lengthy share 😃

Red Coco 

First up is my red Coco dress, which was a UFO project I started in 2016. After discovering the dress was going to be too small I tossed it aside. But I’ve lost some weight since then and decided to finish it no matter if it fits or not. 

Sharing another completed UFO and why it's taken me over a year to complete this Tilly & the Buttons Coco dress.
Super glad this dress fits

Although the fabric doesn’t have as much stretch as it should, the dress actually does fit. So, I’m super glad I actually finished this project.  

Simplicity 3580

Another UFO, that sort of just got tossed aside in the move back in 2015 was vintage Simplicity pattern 3580

Review of yet another completed UFO project, Vintage Simplicity 3580 a 1960's shirtwaist dress with pleated skirt.
OMG! This dress is amazing, I need more of them in my wardrobe

I only got around to finishing this project this spring and can’t believe I waited so long. This dress is so me! I love a good shirtdress and this is it.

Simplicity 2154 and Coordinates 

At the end of April, I had to go to a weekend conference and wanted to make a quick 3-day work wardrobe.

Since Simplicity 2154 was already on my make nine I thought this was the perfect time to make it up. 

Review on Simplicity 2154 a vintage reproduction 1960's suit and how I managed to make the perfect spring, mini-capsule wardrobe with it.
These separates are great for mixing and matching

Not only did I make the cardigan, pencil skirt and pretty bow blouse from Simplicity 2154, I had enough fabric left over for coordinating pieces. 

I used the leftover blouse fabric to make a quickly gathered skirt for a casual day outfit. 

Leftover cardigan fabric was used to make an elasticated version of McCalls 8046 aline skirt. 

Lastly, I quickly made up a Sew Over It Silk Camii to pair with the McCalls skirt. The cami was so nice I turned around and made 3 more. 

SMYLY Samantha Wrap Dress

In late April I was asked to test the all-new Samantha wrap dress from SMYLY patterns. 

Kicking off the first day of Me Made May (#mmmay18) with a review of one of my newest favorite makes, the SMYLY Samantha Dress.
This floral Samantha dress has to be my fave of the pair

This dress was so nice I ended up making two versions. I think through this floral one is my fave. 

Pomegranate Top 

During Me Made May it became evident that I needed more me made tops. So I decided to whip up a few Pomegranate tops from Octavia patterns. 

Showing off two of my latest blouses, made with the Pomegranate Top pattern using a stretch polyester, featuring a cowl neck and kimono sleeves. A great top for spring and summer.
The pomegranate top is such a quick and easy make.

Not only do I love the look of this blouse I love how quick and easy it is to make. 

Handmade Summer Dress

 I didn’t have a lot of time available during the timeline of the Handmade Summer Dress challenge, but still hoped to participate somehow. 

Worked a little magic to finish my Handmade Summer Dress just in time. This red hearts dress is made from contrasting heart print cotton and using the bodice top from Simplicity 1419.
This red hearts version of Simplicity 1419 is uber cute

Going back to my UFO box I found a half started Simplicity 1419 dress and decided this would be a great summer dress. 

Sew Together for Summer Wrap Dress

Speaking of summer dresses I also decided to join the Sew Together for Summer – wrap dress challenge. 

This sailboat print I thought would be the perfect fabric for such a challenge. 

Sharing my latest make, McCalls 6959 wrap dress for the #sewtogtherforsummer challenge, made in a lovely a sailboat print.
Really glad I made another McCalls 6959 wrap dress

I had several options when it came to a wrap dress pattern but in the end, I decided to go with McCalls 6959.

SMYLY Abi Jumpsuit

Once again I helped out SMYLY patterns as a tester this time for the Abi Jumpsuit

Review of the all-new SMYLY pattern the Abi Jumpsuit, an extension of the Samantha dress, which I may have styled as 1930's beach pajamas.
Went for a beach pajama look with this SMYLY Abi jumpsuit

While jumpsuits aren’t really my thing I tried to give my version a 1930’s beach pajama style. 

Mimi and Delphine

Finally, I wanted to check off another make nine off my list and decided to make the Mimi blouse from  Tilly & the Buttons book Love at First Stitch.

While making the blouse I also decided that I needed another Delphine skirt in my life. So, I made a yellow version. While it matched my first Mimi well enough, it wasn’t until I paired with Mimi number two that I discovered that I had an accidental snow white dress. 

My accidental Snow White cosplay made using Tilly & the Buttons Mimi blouse and Delphine skirt.
I ended up cosplaying as Pinup Snow White for Tokyo in Tulsa

This Snow White cosplay outfit wasn’t necessarily planned but it worked out far too well 😃.

What have you been making? 

So, that’s it! There’s a lot there and in some way, I feel like I’m forgetting something. But it’s been a little over 3 months and wow there sure are a lot of makes more here, than I thought there was.

I hope you enjoyed my sewing makes share. I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’ve seen this spring. 

Time for a Sew 'n' Tell and I'll be sharing my spring 2018 makes. These include some long overdue completed UFO projects, a few spring dresses, lovely blouses and another make nine checked off my list.

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