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Akram's Ideas: 2015 #VintagePlege Review

2015 Vintage Pattern Pledge Review

At the start of 2015 I announced that I would be participating in the #VintagePledge. The event was hosted by Marie from A Stitching Odyssey along with Kerry from Kestrel Makes.

2015 #VintagePledge

The basic guidelines for this sew-along (sort of speak) was to set your own goal as to how many vintage patterns you would make this year and make them. Any pattern from 1990 back would be considered vintage.

I participated in the 2014 #VintagePledge and had lots of fun. Originally the goal was to sew 7 patterns, so for 2015 I decided to am for 7 once again. I was all set with my 2015 #VintagePledge Plan of Action and then life happens.

While I didn’t get all my originally planned patterns mad I think I did a pretty good job.

Simplicity 5022

The first vintage pattern I managed to complete this year was 1972 Simplicity 5022 pattern. This fun blouse was made of a mix of floral and plaid seersucker fabric. I love the relaxed fixt and breathy fabric. I’m also really happy how the button holes came out and how well my vintage buttons match the blouse.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity-5022
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity-5022

Advance 4906

This past spring   Rochelle of Lucky Lucille hosted the #SpringForCotton sew-along, and I decided to participate. I had already planned to make Advance 4906 pattern from 1948 and thought it would look great in a cherry cotton fabric I had in my stash.

This dress was a little tricky because I had a very limited amount of fabric and had to play around with how I cut out the pieces. Luckily since I’m short I decided to make the skirt shorter and somehow managed to get everything to fit right.

Akram's Ideas: Advance-4906
Akram’s Ideas: Advance-4906

I love the look and feel of this dress. It’s also the first dress I used a placket zipper in (basically a side zipper). It wasn’t as hard as I thought. My favorite thing about the dress is the unusual color of the cherries on the fabric and the interesting collar detail, especially the vintage button I used.

Simplicity 4191

This summer I entered the Your Fleece Fashion Fleece Contest. This competition was to sew any project with fleece. I opted to enter a version of 1952 Simplicity 4191 pattern of a swing coat.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity-4191
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity-4191

I made this coat twice, starting with a wearable muslin made of blue wool and a blue satin lining. The final coat was made the coat out of red fleece and lined with a red satin. Not only do I adore this coat, I also won the competition.

Simplicity 1777

The last dress I made for myself was the reproduction of 1940’s Simplicity 1777 pattern. I actually made this dress to attend the 1940’s themed Hangar Dance.

While this dress wasn’t part of my original #VintagePledge plan, I have had the pattern a long while and already knew exactly what fabric I was going to use with it.

I love how vintage looking the dress turned out and I adore that color.

Akram's Ideas : Simplicity 1777
Akram’s Ideas : Simplicity 1777


Layla Dresses

As it turns out I only managed to make 4 #VintagePledge patterns this year, that is for myself. I did however make another 4 for my adorable niece Layla.

Simplicity 5006

The first dress was Simplicity 5006 from the 1960’s. This was just a fun summer dress which I made from a blue floral seesucker fabric.

I had some fun with this dress by adding rick-rack to the bottom hem and top of the pockets.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity-5006
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity-5006

Simplicity 5705

The next dress was actually pretty similar to the first, it was a 1970 dress made from Simplicity 5705 pattern. The original pattern had matching bottoms to go with a short baby-doll type dress. I opted instead to just make the dress longer.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity-5705
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity-5705

For this dress I used some fun green fabric covered in white and yellow flowers. Since I wanted to make the dress longer, and was short on fabric I decided to add a yellow band at the bottom of the dress. For further contrast and detail I added a white ribbon along the bottom seam line.

I really love the fun summer colors in this dress.

1940’s Simplicity 1947

One of my favorite outfits I made Layla this year was 1940’s Simplicity 1947 pattern of a playsuit. The play suit features shorts and a gathered skirt that tied around the outside.

Again I made this dress out of some white and peach striped seersucker fabric. Interesting I seemed to be using a lot of seersucker this year, who knew.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity-1947
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity-1947

Simplicity 5993

Finally the last dress of the year, and I do mean last as I finished this one on the day before Christmas Eve, was Simplicity 5993 pattern from 1973.

This pattern was meant for a dress and pinafore set. However, since I was short on time, I made the pinafore bodice and used the dress skirt. This way the skirt was the length of a full dress, but the bodice had the cute square neckline and cape sleeves.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity-5993
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity-5993

I made this pattern as a Christmas dress using cotton Candy Cane fabric. I even had just enough fabric to make a matching bow. I am happy how the dress came out and OMG, Layla is adorable in this dress.

In the End

While in the end I only made 2 of the original 7  patterns I planned out for the #VintagePledge , I did however end up making a total of 8 vintage patterns this year. So, despite my lack of following my own plan I did make one more than my original goal, so I will live with that!

I truly love the #VintagePledge and want to thank Marie from A Stitching Odyssey along with Kerry from Kestrel Makes, for hosting this event. I’m especially honored to have had my vintage pattern stash featured on Kestrel Makes as part of the #VintagePledge.

Regardless if these lovely ladies decide to host a 2016 #VintagePledge or not, you can bet that I pledge to continue sewing vintage patterns as long as I can.

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Akram's Ideas: 2015 #VintagePlege Review


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    • Thank you Miss Jessica! I still feel like a novice when it comes to sewing, I only just learned how 4 years ago. Yes those are golden cherries. I love that dress and really like the uniqueness of the golden cherries.

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