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Akram's Ideas: 2015 #VintagePledge Plan of Action

2015 #VintagePledge Plan of Action

Last year I participated in the Marie Koupparis, from A Stitching Odyssey vintage pattern pledge, were the goal was to sew a minimum of 5 vintage patterns for the year.

I decided to join the #VintagePledge and was really happy with the projects I managed to complete. You can read about them here.

Recently, Marie has announced the 2015 #VintagePledge, which will be co-hosted by Kerry Patterson from Kestrel Makes and will includes a few new elements.

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#VintagePledge Guidelines

The basic guidelines of the #VintagePledge include:

  • Set your own goal – sew as few or as many vintage patterns as you like
  • Anything from 1990’s and back is considered a vintage pattern
  • Knitters are also welcome to join in the fun
  • There will be prizes at the end of the year

Is it just me or is calling 1990’s vintage kind of depressing? Oh well, the idea is to offer more choices of patterns/decades.

My #VintagePldge 2015

Overall I’m really excited to participate this year and will even have a special part to play in this year sew along, but more on that later.

Since this year’s pledge is all about setting your own goals I went through my pattern stash to come up with a plan of action for this years #VintagePledge. As I said in my sewing resolution post I’d like to make a pattern a month, that’s 12 patterns. While I don’t know if that will be possible I’m hopeful. Now of those 12 patterns, I’ve picked out 7 vintage patterns I’d like to attempt to make.

These 7 vintage patterns I pledge to make this year include, in no particular order:

1950's Simplicity 3580
1950’s Simplicity 3580

One of the first vintage patterns I purchased back in 2012 was Simplicity 3580 a classic shirtdress from the 1950’s. I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t made it and have been longing too for some while. The main reason I hadn’t gotten around to this pattern is that it requires nearly 5 yards of fabric. Since I buy the majority of my fabric second-hand I hadn’t come across that much fabric until most recently. This is defiantly one of the first projects I’d like to work on this year.

1950's re-release Simplicity 3673
1950’s re-release Simplicity 3673

At the end of last year I challenged myself to make several winter skirts and added Simplicity 3673 jumper dress to that challenge. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to making it and I’m still really eager to. This vintage re-release pattern offers two versions a slim and full skirt. I can’t decide which one I like more, so I think I might try sewing one of each version.

1972 Simplicity 5022
1972 Simplicity 5022

After writing my 2014 Sewing Review I started to reflect on the items I sewed last year and one of my favorites wear the button down shirts. I really felt like these shirts fit me so well and wanted to add more to my wardrobe. Alas, I never got around to making anymore. Therefore this year I want to make a few more button down shirts and I think I’ll start with Simplicity 5022 pattern from 1972.

1962 McCall's 6682
1962 McCall’s 6682

I tend to wear more professional clothes on a daily basis and because of this Id’ really like to master sewing a well-tailored suit. McCall’s 6682 pattern seams to be just the kind of suit I’d like to add to my wardrobe. This 1962 pattern features a rounded collar on the jacket and I really love like the scoop neck and vent darts on the blouse.

1960's McCall's 7391
1960’s McCall’s 7391

McCall’s 7391 is another jumper dress, however, being out of the 1960’s this pattern’s flared version is less full than Simplicity’s 3673 pattern above; which I think makes it look a little more professional and less formal. I also like the addition of the button down shirt, since as I said before I really would like to make more of those for my wardrobe.

1948 Advance 4906
1948 Advance 4906

Advance Pattern 4906 is a 1948 dress that features a unique color, and patch pockets and belt. I’m thinking if there is another Sew for Victory sew along this year I might use this pattern.

1940's Hollywood 1103
1940’s Hollywood 1103

Hollywood Pattern 1103 is another great 1940’s dress, this one with a collarless bolero. It’s also interesting that it has gathers at the shoulders with cap sleeves.

Wish me luck

Okay so that’s the plan of action for this year’s #VintagePledge. Granted I neglected to mention any projects I plan to make for my niece Layla, and oh yes, I do intend to sew up some fun vintage dresses little girl dresses for her. Then there might be a time or two that I come across a new vintage pattern for my collection and decided to sew it right away, you never known.

So, that’s it I’ve shared my #VintagePledge with you and encourage you to join the 2015 #VintagePledge, and be apart of the fun.

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Akram's Ideas: 2015 #VintagePledge Plan of Action


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  • What a nice selection of patterns. I have that Simplicity 1972 shirt so I’d be interested to know how it turns out! Plus a shirtdress is always classic too.

    • It just so happens that I think I might start with that shirt pattern as it would be a quick (or so I hope) project. I also intend to document the project, stay tuned for a blog post about it.

  • Endless amounts of luck are being wished upon you, dear gal! These are some seriously lovely patterns. So classic, feminine and pretty – we have similar styles for sure and I’d definitely want to make some of these beauties, too, if I was a sewer.

    I hope you have a blast with the challenge all year long!

    ♥ Jessica

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