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Akram's Ideas: Winter Vintage Style Skirts

Winter Vintage Style Skirts

As you may have read in a post or two, I love vintage/vintage inspired apparel. I love twirling about in a vintage style big skirt. Personally, I also feel more comfortable when wearing a skirt/dress.

However, the dresses I tend to buy / sew are what you might call summer sun dresses. They are usually made of light cotton and are either short-sleeved or sleeveless. While, I love these dresses they don’t really transition well, to winter wearing.

I do have quite a few winter sweaters but I find I only have a hand full of winter weather skirts. Last winter I did make a few wintry skirts, but still that limits my choices.

Recently I was luck enough to score some winter fabric, such as wool, felt and corduroy, which I thought would make fantastic skirts.

I’d really like to add more full skirts to my wardrobe, maybe a circle skirt or two. I’d also love to have a full wrap skirt.

Akram's Ideas: Full skirt and Wrap skirt patterns
Akram’s Ideas: Full skirt and Wrap skirt patterns

However, since I’m limited by the amount of my second-hand fabric I might have to go with one or more pencil skirts.

Akram's Ideas: Pencil style skirt
Akram’s Ideas: Pencil style skirt

Lastly I think a jumper dress/skirt might also be fun, but again I’ll have to consider my fabric sizes.

Akram's Ideas: Jumper style skirt/dress
Akram’s Ideas: Jumper style skirt/dess

In short I am hoping to complete the following skirt projects before the end of December:

1 – Circle Skirt

1 – Semi-Circle Skirt

1 – Pencil Skirt

1 – Jumper Skirt/Dress

 That’s 4 skirts which doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m a pretty slow sewer, so we’ll see how it turns out. I plan on starting this weekend and having a sort of sewing marathon, so wish me luck!


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  • Oh dear, I was trying to leave a comment and my internet went down for several minutes, so I’m not sure if it went through.

    In case it didn’t, I’ll try to remember what I was saying. 🙂

    Way to go on aiming to complete four skirts in a month. That is a very ambitious and commendable goal that I wish you tons of success with. You’ve picked some really, really lovely styles, any of which I’d happily sort, too (I especially like the classic 50s circle skirt and the jumper dress with the a-line skirt). Great selections, dear gal!

    Happy sewing & tons of merry holiday season wishes, too!

    ♥ Jessica

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