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Akram's Ideas: Winter Skirt - Rose Corduroy

Winter Skirts : Rose Corduroy

Last week I posted about my goal to sew at least 4 winter vintage style skirts to add to my wardrobe. The first one on my list was the Rose Corduroy skirt.

I love corduroy because it’s warm and has a nice texture to it. I came across this rose corduroy fabric sometime ago and knew that I would have just enough for a skirt.

I debated on what style of skirt I would make and finally decided I would use my vintage Simplicity 4579 pattern. I had used this pattern last year to make a skirt and was really happy with the fit and thought I’d use it again.

Vintage Simplicity 4579 and Rose Corduroy Fabric
Vintage Simplicity 4579 and Rose Corduroy Fabric

To my delight I placed the pattern on the fabric and found I had exactly enough for the skirt and waistband. Not much room for error but I knew I could make it with out too much of an issue.

Since I had made the pattern before I had no real hiccups in the construction. I’ve been using French seams for a lot of my sewing projects, but since corduroy is a rather thicker fabric I opted to just use a zigzag stitch to finish off the inner seams.

The fabric was just enough to cut out the skirt pieces and waistband
The fabric was just enough to cut out the skirt pieces and waistband

Also, I don’t have much luck with a blind-hem stitch. I’ve done it in the past, but the last few times I’ve tried it I couldn’t seam to catch the fabric and would discovery my hem to be useless.

I prefer a rolled hem or decorative hem that I can top stitch right on top. For this project I decided to add a little decorative color by using some complementary red bias tape for the hem.

I really like how the hem turned out with the red bias tape. The only thing I wish I thought about was the length of the skirt. The original pattern had like a 1″ hem, but since I didn’t turn over the hem the skirt is a little longer than my ideal 26″ length (midi-skirt length). However since this is a winter skirt it probably best that it it’s slightly longer.

Me happily modeling my skirt.
Me happily modeling my skirt.

I really like this skirt and it goes so well, with my many red sweaters. I can already see wearing this skirt throughout the winter.

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Akram's Ideas: Winter Skirt - Rose Corduroy

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