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Akram's Ideas : Vintage Pattern Pledge

Vintage Pattern Pledge

Early this year I decided to join Marie Koupparis, from A Stitching Odyssey in the vintage pattern pledge.

The challenge was to sew a minimum of 5 vintage patterns for the year. A pretty reasonable amount I thought and since I have now a massive vintage pattern collection I thought let’s do it!

I started the year with Simplicity pattern 2154, which was a rerelease of a 1960’s knit suit.

1960's Simplicity 2154
1960’s Simplicity 2154

After which I joined the Sew For Victory sew along and used my vintage 1940’s Simplicity 1649 pattern. Which I must say is so far my favorite dress I’ve made.

1940's Simplicity 1649
1940’s Simplicity 1649

Then in the summer I made an adorable dress for my niece Layla using vintage 1960’s McCalls 6899 pattern. It was for a one year old, while Layla was barely 6-month, so it kind of swallowed her, but I’m sure by now it would fit perfectly.

1960's McCalls 6899
1960’s McCalls 6899

Next vintage pattern was another project for little Layla, a vintage pajama set. I used 1970’s Simplicity 5103 pattern. This project was part of Angry Tiny Crafter’s Vintage Pajama party sew along.

1970's Simplicity 5103
1970’s Simplicity 5103

The last of my 5 vintage patterns for the year was 1960’s Simplicity 4579 pencil skirt pattern. However since I had previously used this pattern in 2013, I can’t help but feel like I cheated here.

1960's Simplicity 4579
1960’s Simplicity 4579

I have a ton of patterns, probably close to 400 patterns; so using the same pattern seems a wasted opportunity to try out one of my many other patterns.

Don’t get me wrong I love the skirt and knew I had just enough fabric for that pattern. Still, I really think my last pattern for the year, should be one I haven’t made before.

With that said, I still have a few weeks in December and am considering on trying out 1950’s Simplicity 3580 pattern. I have had the pattern in my stash for a while and have wanted to make it.

Simplicity 3580
Simplicity 3580

However, since I usually buy my fabric secondhand I don’t usually have the 5 yards or so required for this pattern. I think though, I might have some fabric that would be close enough in yardage to the pattern and use contrast for certain parts.

So, while technically I can say I completed this challenge, I’m challenging myself to sew one more (never sewn before) vintage pattern before the year is out. Wish me luck.

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Akram's Ideas : Vintage Pattern Pledge


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