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How To Add Pockets To Any Skirt

Who doesn’t love pockets? I’m a strong believer that pretty much all dresses and skirts need pockets.

That’s why I thought I’d share with you my method for adding side seam pockets to any skirt.

Side Seam Pockets

The method I share in the video works for any side seam pocket whether your pattern called for them or not.

Of course, if your pattern calls for pocket there will usually be notches on the pattern to indicate the placement of the pocket. Truth be told I often just ignore this in lieu of my 1-inch from the seam allowance method. 

Akram's Ideas: Delphine Skirt in brown
I love the addition of the pocket

If your pattern doesn’t come with pockets, have no fear, you can follow this method by using your favorite side seam pocket from another pattern.

There are also a ton of free pocket patterns online that you can download, personally, I suggest the free pocket pattern PDF from Sew Stylish magazine.

It’s Has Pockets

I pretty much add pockets to all my skirts and dresses. I mean why wouldn’t you? After all, that’s the great thing about sewing, you can totally customize your clothes, and I say everything must have pockets. 

Quick review of the hacks I made to Simplicity 8019 a 1970's reproduction buttondown skirt.
Pockets can give a flash of color

The one caveat to the rule is if you are making a form-fitting skirt like a pencil skirt. Add a side seam pocket to these types of skirts could add unwanted bulk. 

I find that an a-line or fuller skirts are flattering with side seam pockets. 

Sharing a super cute and nerdy outfit put together with a novelty tee and Simplicity 8019 a 1970's buttondown skirt made in a navy dotted swiss.
Or add contrast with a printed fabric for your pocket

Also, pockets are a great way to use up scrap fabric as well as add some hidden contrast to your sewing projects. 

Floral Orla with Pockets
Here’s a sneak peak of my latest Orla which I also added pockets too!

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you have any tips and tricks for adding pockets.

I'm a strong believer that pretty much all dresses and skirts need pockets. That's why I'm sharing my method for adding side seam pockets to any skirt.

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