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Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis

A Summer Set of Silk Camis

One of the items that I’d been missing in my wardrobe was a nice camisole to wear with my skirts and suits. While many online sewers are fond of the Ogden cami by True Bias I just didn’t think the thin straps and v-neck was quite my style. 

So, I did some searching around and found that I really liked the shape and look of the Sew Over It’s Silk Cami

Sew Over It Silk Cami

I’ve been a fan of the Sew Over It patterns since last year when I made my first Sew Over It pattern, the Vintage Shirt Dress. Sew Over It patterns were the first patterns which I didn’t need to grade between sizes, I was straight (at the time) size 18. Never had I not needed to do some grading so from then on I was hooked on Sew Over It patterns. 

Construction & Fit

The first silk cami I made was at the end of Spring which I made in a salmon pink color. I loved the look and feel of this camisole and knew instantly that this was exactly the look I was going for.

Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis
The silk cami was exactly what I was needing in my wardrobe

After making the salmon one, I almost immediately got to work on a second version in a lovely Olive green color. 

Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis
The silk cami looks great dressed up or just tossed on with jeans

For both the green and pink versions I used a satiny fabric, not specifically silk a synthetic that was close enough to the suggested fabric type.

Sewing Summary
Date April – July 2018 Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis
Pattern: Sew Over It Silk Cami
Version: Version 1
Size: Size 18
Notes & Modification: No Changes
Difficulty: Intermediate Easy Rating:

The Silk Cami pattern is really simple to put together and includes an all in one facing. I used the burrito method for assembling the facing, which if you’ve never done before I suggest checking out the following tutorial from Threads Magazine.

Once I had the facing completed I used French Seams for attaching the side seams as directed by the pattern and voila it was done. 

Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis
The minute I saw this floral grey fabric I knew it was going to be a Silk Cami

Silk Cami Hacks

One thing I liked about these silk camis was how little fabric it called for, making it a good stash buster. 

After making the first three I started thinking about what other ones I would want to make, then I remembered my Butterick 6464 kimono set I made in the summer of 2017. 

Review of Butterick 6464 featuring a kimono jacket, halter top and pencil skirt.
I never really liked the top that came with Butterick 6464

This set came with a halter top which I just was never happy with, and had planned to remake different top to go with the Kimono. 

I had still had some leftover fabric from that project and thought there could be a possibility that I could squeeze out a silk cami out of it. 

Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis
With a bit of a hack, I managed to make a silk cami to match my Butterick 6464 kimono

The fabric wasn’t quite wide enough to make the cami as is. So, I prepared a little hack. Basically, I cut the pattern in half horizontally just below the underbust. Added about a 1/4 inch seam allowance and managed to piece together this lovely top. 

For this top, I used a polyester fabric that had a bit of a stretch to it. Because I’ve worked with this fabric before and new it wouldn’t fray I decided to forgo the facing and just search the entire thing.

For hemming around the openings, I simply turned the raw edge and topped stitched with a twin needle. I also used the same topstitching along the middle seam line just so that it set in place a little better and mostly for added decoration. 

Cropped Silk Cami

At this point, you’d think I’d be done but not so. Near the end of summer, I managed to whip of a set of culottes. One of these pairs of culottes needed a matching top. While I found fabric that would be a perfect match, I only had a little amount. 

The silk cami had the right look I was going for, but since I wanted to pair this top with the culottes and wanted to highlight the paper bag waist of the culottes, I knew the top couldn’t be too long. So I decided to make a cropped version of the pattern. 

Sharing my thoughts on my summer culottes, I made using Simplicity 8605, featuring wide legs and a paper bag waist.
This cropped Silk Cami might be my favorite of the bunch

To make this cropped version I simply used the length shorten line as a guide and moved up. I believe I took out about 4 inches from the top. 

I made this cropped version out of a lightweight quilting cotton and to keep it lightweight I forewent the facing for a simple bias tape finish. I folded the bias tape to the outside to add extra contrast and to match with the culottes I paired the top with. 

Overall I’m super pleased with all my versions of the silk cami and can definatly see making many more. 

Sharing my summer collection of Sew Over It Silk Camis

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