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Vintage Finds April 2016 & Vintage Market Days Tulsa

I know it’s already May but I’ve finally found time to post about my April Vintage finds.

Vintage Market Days Tulsa

First off let me talk a little about the Vintage Market Days Tulsa event. I found out about this event via Facebook and had it marked on my calendar for a while now. Despite making plans to attend the event it almost didn’t happen.

Both me and my husband were suffering from really bad case of allergies. The rainy weather outside didn’t help either. However, Saturday morning, my husband got up and decided that he felt good enough to peek in on the event, as long as I drove.
The Vintage Market Days Tulsa  was held at the fairgrounds in Kellysville, Oklahoma which is a quick few minutes south of Tulsa towards Oklahoma City.  

The Event

At the event I took a few pictures and put together a quick montage for you guys.

While they had a lot of cool stuff , it sadly was nothing I would purchase. The event was marketed as a Vintage market, and I was expecting vintage finds, antiques and flea market stuff. That wasn’t the case.

The majority of things were handmade and crafty stuff. It was like a live Esty shopping event, or a least if felt like it.

Don’t get me wrong there were some cool things and very unique items. However, the craftiness in me is like, “I want to make that myself”. I want to make my own burlap pillows and plank wood signs.

This would be a good event for individuals who like the handmade crafty style but don’t have the time or aptitude to make these types of things themselves.

April Vintage Finds

Although I didn’t purchase anything at the Vintage Market Days Tulsa event, I did get a few items this month.

A review of my vintage finds for April and a quick montage of the Vintage Tulsa Market.


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  • That white handbag is sooo classically lovely. I have a couple of white purses (one vintage, one modern) and use them as much as my straw and wicker ones during the sunny months. I bet you’ll get a ton of use out of that classic charmer, too.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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