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S'More Cake

S’more Cake

As many of you know I’m in the midst of several home remodeling projects that started back in September of 2014. The kitchen remodel started in October and since then I have been without a kitchen. It’s be rather painful since I love to cook and bake. 

During the holidays I was able to satisfy my need to cook while we stayed at my mother-in-laws house. In fact I made an amazing apple pie from scratch, it was so good.

Christmas Apple Pie from Scratch
Christmas Apple Pie from Scratch

Then last weekend I suddenly had the urge to bake something. I just had to do it!  While the most of the kitchen is in shambles, the fridge and oven are still plugged in and working on one side of the room, so technically I could bake something. It had to be something simple, mind you since my mixer and most dishes are all packed up.

I decided to make a simple chocolate devils food cake from a Pillsbury Sugar-free Cake mix I had picked up from the store. So, the plan was to bake the cake mix and be done with it, but then I got on Pinterest and thought, “no”,  I need to make something more than just a cake in a box. I needed to be creative and add to this somehow. 

I didn’t want to make frosting, I would never be able to whip it good enough by hand with a whisk, and I didn’t really have a lot of other ingredients on hand. After looking around I discovered that I did have ingredients for s’mores. That’s when it hit me what if I put this all together and make a S’more cake.

S'More Cake Ingredients
S’More Cake Ingredients

I decided to bake the cake as directed and on a whim I ended up adding about 3oz. of a melted chocolate bar to the batter. I made the cake in two round 8in. cake pans and baked as directed. 

Once the cake was out of the oven I decided to add my s’more topping. The plan was to remove the cakes from the pan and top them with mini marshmallows, then toss the cake back in the oven for a few minutes in order for the marshmallows to melt. It sounded like a good plan, by I was overzealous and didn’t let the cakes cool long enough so the minute I removed them from the baking pan the began to fall apart.

Even though the cake was crumbling to no end, I topped with marshmallow and baked another 5 minutes or so. After I pulled the cakes out I took a hand full of graham crackers and crumbled them on top the cake. Lastly I took about 6.oz of melted chocolate and drizzled it on top of each cake. Finally layering both cakes on top of each other, which of course immediately collapsed into a big mess of chocolate cake and s’more topping.


S'More Cake
Serves 8
Chocolate cake topped with s'more toppings.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
35 min
Total Time
45 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
35 min
Total Time
45 min
  1. Chocolate Cake Mix ( I used Pillsbury Sugar-Free Devil's Food Cake)
  2. 1 8oz chocolate bar
  3. 10 oz bag of Marshmallows
  4. 2-3 Graham Crackers
  1. Prepare cake mix as directed, add 2 to 3 oz. of melted chocolate (from bar) to batter. Bake as directed in two 8in cake pans.
  2. Cool cake and remove from pan. Place cakes side by side on cookie sheet. Top with marshmallows and place back in the oven for 5- 8 minutes or until marshmallows are melted to your liking.
  3. Remove cakes from oven and crumble graham crackers over the top of both cakes.
  4. Melt the rest of the chocolate bar and drizzle it over each cake.
  5. Stack the cakes on top of each other.
  6. Eat and enjoy.
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The cake looked like an awful mess, though my hubby reassured me that s’more are supposed to be messy. Despite the messiness the cake was delicious and really did have a great s’more like taste to it with the marshmallow and graham crackers.

Hopefully this quick experimental cake has satisfied my need to bake again, until the kitchen is completed. Though with the slow pace we are moving I’m not sure when that will be. Oh, well at least this cake was fun, fast, and flavorful.

S'More Cake
S’More Cake
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S'More Cake


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  • This looks sooo good! I’m a huge s’mores fan (I even have a Pinterest boarded devoted just to s’mores related recipes) and will making a GF version of this delicious cake on the double (okay, probably for Valentine’s Day or a little later in the month, but definitely really soon). Thank you so much for sharing it with us (my mouth is watering right now! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

    • Jessica, glad you enjoyed it. It’s something I just whipped up on the spur of the moment and I must admit it was delisious. I’m not fond of frosting on cakes, but s’more toppings on cake, definitely a winner. You’ll have to let me know how your GF version turns out.

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