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Akram's Ideas: Dessert Mashups is a Tasty Treat

Dessert Mashup is a Tasty Treat

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Ugh! It seems several of my favors tee food bloggers all decided to release their cookbooks knowing I was in middle of a kitchen remodel.

I mean seriously, this just isn’t fair!

Well, despite my lack of a kitchen, I was still overjoyed when I got my copy of “Dessert Mashups” written by Dorthy Kern of Crazy for Crust.

This is the contents of one chapter
This is the contents of one chapter

The book features a crazy mix of favorite desserts all mashed up together, hence the name of the book.

I really like the layout and format of the book (there goes my graphic designer side critiquing fonts and page layout). Seriously though I do love the look of the book and how every recipe includes a picture.

Dessert Mashups, book layout
Dessert Mashups, book layout

I also, really liked the list of baking equipment and so many helpful tips and even substitutions.

Tips and subsitutions
Tips and substitutions

This is yet another book I’ll have to set aside to try out once the kitchen remodel is over.

Until, then I’ll be drooling over these scrumptious pictures.

These look so good
These look so good

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