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Fave Find – Kootek 35 Piece Cake Deocrating Set

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Aside from sewing I also really like to bake. Usually pie but I also do love me some cake now and then. Of course, what is cake without frosting, and of course one must go full on decorator with the frosting. Or is that just me? 

With all that said when Kootek recently reached out to me about reviewing their 35-piece cake decorating set, I said sure! After receiving the product I decided to put it to use and give it my honest review.  

The Kootek Cake Decorating Set

Kootek if you’ve never heard of them is a company founded in 2013 and sells a variety of household products from electronics to baking accessories. 

While Kootek does have an official website all of their products can be purchased through Amazon. 

Sharing an all new fave find and review of the Kootek 35-Piece Cake Deocrating Set.
The set comes with a Cake turntable along with frosting accessories

I received the 35-piece cake decorating set from Kootek, which included an aluminum cake turntable, 24 stainless steel icing tips, 3 frosting scrapers (combs), 2 reusable silicone frosting bags, 1 flower nails, 2 reusable plastic couplers, and 2 spatulas.

Since I’ve been cake decorating for the last ten years or so, I already had a lot of frosting tips and of course the frosting spatulas. However, the biggest thing I was excited about in this set was the 12-inch aluminum cake turntable. 

I’ve had for a while a plastic Wilton cake turntable, which works but felt flimsy and not professional. On first impressions, I must say the  Kootek cake turntable was super nice. Though before I made any set decisions I decided to give my Kootek 35-piece cake decorating set a test drive by decorating a cake.

Frosting the Cake

Sharing an all new fave find and review of the Kootek 35-Piece Cake Deocrating Set.
Cake decorated with the Kootek 35-piece cake decorating the set

I started this review by baking to 12-inch Sour Cream Vanilla Cakes and after letting them cool I frosted them using a buttercream frosting. 

The cakes were stacked and decorated on the Kootek cake turntable. I used the frosting spatulas to apply the crumb coat followed by the final base layer of frosting. 

Between the layers of the cake, I also added a nice layer of the same buttercream frosting. 

To get the frosting on the outside smooth I used the straight edge frosting scraper (comb) to smooth everything out. 

I used a the medium size star tip and reusable frosting bags to create the pink drop flowers. The center of the flowers was created using the smaller of the round frosting tips. 

The same round tip was used to create the flower stems, while the split tip (leaf tip) was used to make the random leaves from the stem and leaf border along the bottom of the cake. 

Thoughts and Review

After making the cake above what are my thoughts? Well first off I can’t tell you enough how much I love the Kootek cake turntable !! This thing is amazing. It’s sturdy, it has a really nice barring that gives you a controlled spin. It has circle outlines on the top that help you center your cake, and it’s just nice. Personally, I would say the cost of this kit is worth it for the turntable alone. 

The rest of the items worked as you would expect. I already have a collection of frosting tips and spatulas, so nothing extremely different from other brands. 

I will say that the frosting scrapers (combs) are nice and sturdy. I’ve had plastic ones in the past, but I like that these are aluminum and the blue coloring is eye-catching. 

Sharing an all new fave find and review of the Kootek 35-Piece Cake Deocrating Set.
The cake turntable is worth the price

The biggest surprise about this kit was the reusable frosting bags. I was on the opinion that they weren’t worth the time since the disposable ones make clean up easy. However, I found these bags to be really lightweight and durable. Never did I think the bag was going to bust on me. I’ve had disposables ones tear and frosting go everywhere. So, I think I might be a convert to these reusable frosting bags. 

In the end, if you ask me is this kit worth the cost I would have to say YES! The Kootek 35-piece cake decorating set, is $36 dollars, and in my opinion, you are paying for the cake turntable and everything else is free. 

I’d been looking for just a simple glass cake stand and can’t find that under $25, for a few dollars more you can get this turntable stand, plus a lot more. 

Wilton offers some cake decorating sets and even one with a stand starting at $24 but none of them have the number of tips and supplies you get in the Kootek set. Also, note that the Wilton set has the plastic turntable, nowhere near as nice as the Kootek one. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’ve used the Kootek 35-piece cake decorating set, and what your thoughts are? 

Would you like to see more product reviews on Akram’s Ideas? What would you like me to review? 

Sharing an all new fave find and review of the Kootek 35-Piece Cake Deocrating Set.


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