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Akram's Ideas: Mushroom Fairy a Photo Story

Mushroom Fairy a Photo Story

A Fairy Story

This weekend while I was doing some yard work, I noticed something. At first it looked like any old mushroom which had sprouted up out of the grass. However, in the corner of my eye I noticed a shimmer upon the top of this particular mushroom. So, I went over for a closer look.

Mushroom Fairy 001

I tipped toed slowly over to the mushroom. I was worried that what I saw may just fly away before I could get a close look at it.

Mushroom Fairy 002

Mushroom Fairy 003

After all I still wasn’t sure what it was I may have seen, and could it be what I thought? No, I must be imaging things, right?

Mushroom Fairy 004

Mushroom Fairy 005

The light seemed to be playing tricks on my eyes. Or did I really see a little flash and flutter of blue wings? Was that blonde hair, or just a web floating in the wind?

Mushroom Fairy 006

Mushroom Fairy 007Mushroom Fairy 008

Mushroom Fairy 009

I crept along the ground slowly making my way around to the other side of the mushroom. Then the answer to my question had been revealed. There was a tiny fairy sitting upon my mushroom.

Mushroom Fairy 010

At first I couldn’t quite make the fairy out. She seemed all a blur, as if a sparkle of enchanted light was surrounding her.

Mushroom Fairy 011

After blinking once or twice, then refocusing, I managed to take a better look. It was a fairy!

Mushroom Fairy 012

Mushroom Fairy 013

A fairy, who could have imagined. It was quite a find, one which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, would be envious of. The light shined upon the little fairy’s wings making an enchanted glow around her.

Mushroom Fairy 014

Mushroom Fairy 015

Upon further inspection, I realized this wasn’t just any fairy. Yet, perhaps the most well known fairy of them all, TinkerBell. As I came closer I managed to snap just one more shot of Miss Bell, before I heard her soft chime and like a dream she was gone. This was truly an event which marked the last of summer and one I shall never forget.

Mushroom Fairy 016

Introducing My New Camera

This fun photo story was shot entirely with my new point and shoot camera, my Samsung Galaxy S6.

Earlier this summer my trusty 7 mega-pixel Sony Cybershot, which I’ve had the last 10 years or so, finally gave up the ghost.

As far as point and shoot cameras go, my Sony was really good. It was quite high in resolution at the time I bought it. Even though there were much higher quality point and shoot cameras on the market for a long while, my Sony did what I needed it to do, so there was really no need to upgrade. After all I wasn’t taking high detailed photos nor using it on a daily basis.

At the same time my Sony Cybershot decided to up and die, so did my iPhone. I was still using a 4g iPhone, sure I could have upgraded a while back, but the phone worked fine, so there was no need for it.

Since I was now in need of both a smartphone and camera I weighed all my options. I could really upgrade my camera, or I could get a smartphone with a better camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6

After reading specs and reviews I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S6. I had never owned an Android phone, I’ve been a faithful Apple iPhone user. However, when it came to cameras, the iPhone really didn’t have the capabilities to compete.

My new Samsung boasted a 16 mega-pixel camera, with optical image stabilization, autofocus, LED flash, check quality, and HD (1920 X 1080) video. The camera also has a new auto-HDR (high dynamic range) feature which automatically adjust white balance, too. Plus, the camera features several custom modes, like panorama or Virtual shot that takes a 360 shot.

Camera Quality

I’ve been really happy with the quality of the camera. I’ve also been practicing my photography, which is how the Fairy Photo Story above came about.

The photos of my tiny TinkerBell upon a mushroom were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6. I did no post editing on the photos other than add my watermark.

I took the photos at eye level, getting down on all fours and looking up towards the mushroom. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was crazy, laying in my front yard with my smartphone.

Regardless, I think I managed to get some really good shots, and hope you enjoyed this post.

In closing, if you are in the market for both a smartphone and point and shoot camera, I would highly recommend Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera alone has been worth it, but I’m also really liking the Android features. I’ve even made a few custom Android apps for my phone, which is something I couldn’t have done easily on my iPhone.

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Akram's Ideas: Mushroom Fairy a Photo Story


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  • What a cute fairy tale. Or are you trying to say this really happened to you, will I do believe in fairies but I guess the question is do I believe you saw one. I guess I can see it happening after all I’ve heard it said only those with childlike personalities (like you) can only see fairies. But then again that could also be a fairy tale.

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