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Akram's Ideas : Watching the falls at Grand Falls

Watching the falls at Grand Falls

Since it rained this past holiday weekend and is expected to rain everyday this week, I am glad I got a chance, while it was dry the week before last to visit, Grand Falls in Joplin, Missouri.

Grand Falls

Majestic Grand Falls in Joplin, Mo
Majestic Grand Falls in Joplin, Mo

Grand Falls is conveniently located just south of downtown Joplin. This beautiful natural wonder is the largest continuously running waterfall in Missouri.

The water from the falls comes from Shoal Creek and plunges 12 feet to a rock ledge. Yes, I said 12 feet. Okay, so it’s not Niagara Falls, but it’s still pretty cool.

Grand Falls, Joplin, MO
Grand Falls, Joplin, MO

 The falls spans across 163 feet in length. The lower portion consists of natural rock formations while the upper tier is manmade, first constructed in 1860 and replaced in 1890.

During the 19th century Joplin Electric Light & Power Company established a hydro power plant at the falls. The electricity from the falls provided power and light to Joplin, Webb City and Carterville. More history on the falls can be found at: http://bit.ly/1J40Qmj

More sights of Grand Falls
More sights of Grand Falls

Beauty of the Falls

Today the falls is a great place for a day’s outing. The beauty of the falls makes it a great setting for a photo shoot.

Watching the falls is also a treat. I managed to get some shots of the falls.

Scenery of Grand Falls
Scenery of Grand Falls

Not far from the falls is Inspiration Point, which offers spectacular views of Shoal Creek and McClelland Park.

Day Trip to Grand Falls


With it’s convenient location and fun sight, Grand Falls is a great day trip. If you are in Joplin I highly suggest visiting. It’s a good opportunity to get outdoors with the family and still be in the city.

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Akram's Ideas : Watching the falls at Grand Falls


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  • They’re so lovely! Waterfalls have always really spoken to me – which I think stems from passing small ones (some of which were only seasonal) en route through the mountains between the Okanagan and the Lower Mainland (great Vancouver Area) my whole life, very much including when I was a child.

    We have a lot of great natural attractions around these parts, including many lakes (our town is sandwiched squarely between two large ones), tall hills on both sides (of town), and sand and sage covered bluff on the outskirts of town that is really popular with hikers and climbers.

    Have a great week!
    ♥ Jessica

    • Waterfalls are lovely and make a great photo backdrop. I haven’t been to Canada since I was a kid, but I do remember how lovely Vancouver was. If I’m ever in Okangan area, I’ll have to be sure to find those small water falls you mention. Thanks for sharing!

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