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Learn how infused water can help add flavor to plain water and aid in your weight loss goals.

What is Infused Water & Why is It Good For You?

This year I’ve been on a quest to get healthy and one of the key steps on the path to a healthier me is to drink more water.

I must admit I do drink a fair amount of water already, but it can get really boring really fast. What I’ve found to help keep me drinking more water and to add interest is to drink infused water.

What is Infused Water?

Infused water, sometimes referred to as detox water is basically cold water flavored with any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

A simple glass of lemon water can be considered as infused water. Or you can get all fancy and make strawberry pineapple and lime water.

Akrams's Ideas: Sliced Strawberries
Strawberry water is one of my faves

There are countless recipes online for infused water, it really is a matter of taste. The idea is that you drink more water. Add natural flavors to the water can trick you into drinking more water.

When I say natural flavors this basically means the fruits, vegetables, and herbs you choose to mix into your water should be fresh, raw and have no added sugars.

Making Infused Water

There are countless recipes for infused water, it really comes down to mixing flavors you like and trying them out.

Personally, I’m all about the fruit flavors and if I’m pressed for time, lemon or lime water is my go to standard.

All Recipes Infused Water

Making your infused water really depends on how you plan to access it. Some people will fill a pitcher of water mixing in their infused ingredients and then placing the pitcher in the fridge. Since I’m always on the go I opted to get myself an infuser water bottle.

This cool little bottle only cost me a few bucks at the local Walmart. It has a center infusion chamber to keep your flavoring ingredients from sinking to the bottom of the bottle.

I usually find that I can fill the infusion chamber with my fruits and refill the bottle multiple time throughout the day. Depending on what ingredients you use, I find that the flavor can last at minimum a full work day.

Why is It Good For You?

Learn how infused water can help add flavor to plain water and aid in your weight loss goals.
At work, I’m never without my infused water bottle

There are lots of articles out there about how infused water is a magic weight loss secret. I wouldn’t go so far.

Basically, we all know that water is good for us. We are told that we should get around 8 glasses of water a day. Filling ourselves up with water helps to keep our appetite under control, which is why water is good for diets.

Novo H2o - Healthier Day
Infographic via Novo H20

The problem is drinking enough plain old water, that’s why infused water is so powerful. It flavors the water making it more enjoyable to drink, plus we are also getting natural nutrients from the fruits and vegetables we mix into the water.

How Do You Like Your Water?

I can definitely say that I feel like I drink more water when I make infused water. I’m not sure why, but I do.

While it may not be a miracle drug, I believe that infused water is a great addition to any healthy living diet.

Learn how infused water can help add flavor to plain water and aid in your weight loss goals.


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