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Inspirational words of wisdom from Mother. Download this FREE set of 5 desktop wallpapers, from Akram's Ideas.

5 Desktop Wallpapers Featuring Inspiration from Mother

Mother’s day is just around the corner so for the month of May I thought I’d share another FREE set of desktop wallpapers this time featuring inspiration from Mother.

5 Desktop Wallpapers

As usually, these wallpapers feature 100% my artwork and/or photography. The quotes themselves either come from individuals whose words have inspired me, something that I’ve heard or something I’ve come up with myself.

Always Be Humble and Kind

You’ve probably heard your mother tell you this one, or perhaps you heard it in a popular country song. 

Regardless, “always be humble and kind” are a few good words to live by. 

Always be Humble and Kind
Words to live by

I Hope You Dance

My mother has always been a fan of country music and the “I Hope You Dance” song from a few years back is one of her favorites

The song itself was written in the perspective of a mother singing to her daughter, about the road ahead and her hopes for her.  

I hope you Dance
If you have the choice…

While life might be full of difficulties we need to remember if we have the choice to “sit it out or dance”, well “I hope you dance”. 

If You Are Reaching for The Stars

If You are Reaching for the Stars

Sometimes you can feel that your goals and hopes are just unattainable. It’s easy to give up and think there’s just no way. 

However, I’m sure your mother, as would mine, to tell me to get a grip! After all the “If you are reaching for the stars, they are closer than you think they are.” 

Believe in You

Believe in You

Along the lines of reaching for the stars, I started thinking you know the biggest barrier that a lot of people have is themselves. 

Far too often people fail before they even start, simply because they don’t have faith in themselves to make it happen. 

I’m sure any mother would say that’s absurd. After all the first step to making dreams come true is to “Believe in You”.

Always Remeber 

Always Remember

Winne the Pooh by A.A. Milne is one of my mother’s favorite stories. With good reason, it has a lot of memorable characters and quotes. 

The “always remember” quote, for example, is one that really gives the read a sense of inspiration and to think more of themselves. 

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Inspirational words of wisdom from Mother. Download this FREE set of 5 desktop wallpapers, from Akram's Ideas.

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