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Akram's Ideas: Holiday Sewing Plans

Holiday Sewing Plans

Thanksgiving may have only been yesterday, but if you are like me and plan to be making any of your holiday gifts you probably want to start now.

Which of course what I’m doing this holiday weekend. My goal which it has been for the last few years, is to make the majority of the gifts I give to friends and family. I know buying a gift card would probably take less time, but I like making things and what to share them with others.

Plus, as an added bonus making things for others is often a learning process. What I make for others is often something I wouldn’t make for myself, so I always learn something new. I love learning new things so it’s a win win for everyone.

This year when it comes to sewing I have several projects in the works.

Layla Dresses

First off let’s talk about little Layla, my adorable niece. My plan is to make her a Christmas dress. Not that she needs one, but I have some candy cane fabric and I just know she’ll look adorable in it.

Isn't Layla adorable?
Isn’t Layla adorable?

While I’m at it I’ll probably make a few more dresses for her. I really like making little girl clothes, they come out so cute!

Z’s Hooded Dress

My family is pretty large, so every year we draw names and this year I go my sister Zaynab, or Z as we call her. Z is a talented artist and likes weird and wacky stuff.

Zaynab Taghavi's Artwork
Zaynab Taghavi’s Artwork

She’d ask for a while if I could make her a hooded dress. So that’s the plan. Also what is great about Z is that she has the standard pattern measurements of a vintage pattern. Which is also slightly frustrating for someone who is constantly having to alter a pattern to fit, sigh. However, on the plus side I won’t need to do any pattern alterations.

More Purses

For my mother’s day I made my mom a set of purses, which she loved so much. When I asked her the other day what she’d like for Christmas, she asked if I could make her another purse. So, that’s the plan.

I'm thinking about making one of these purses
I’m thinking about making one of these purses

A Tie

When I ask my husband if he’d like me to sew him anything, he often says no. However, the other day he made a special request for a tie. I’m really excited to make him one and it so happens I have a tie pattern, so it works out great.

Vintage Secret Santa Gift

Then let’s not forget the 2nd annual Vintage Secret Santa gift exchange hosted by Jessica Cangiano of Chronically Vintage. This fun exchange has all participants paired with another to swap gifts with. I don’t know yet who’ll I’ll be sending to, but once I do I hope to be able to make something to go along with the gift I send. It’s so much fun and can’t wait to participate this year again.

This is the Route 66 purse I made last year for my #VintageSecreteSanta gift exchange
This is the Route 66 purse I made last year for my #VintageSecreteSanta gift exchange

Gift to Myself

Finally, while I do love sewing things for others, I can’t help but want to make myself a little something too. If you recall at the start of this year I had compiled a list of vintage patterns which I wanted to make for my #vintagepledge this year. While I’ve made a few, there are still some I need to make, which include Simplicity 3673. I have some dark blue navy corduroy and think it would be lovely as view C.

1950's re-release Simplicity 3673
1950’s re-release Simplicity 3673

So, there you have my Christmas sewing plans. Knowing me though, I’ll probably be working on these right up until Christmas eve. However, my goal is to start now! This weekend I hope to at least cross of one of these projects, wish me luck!

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Akram's Ideas: Holiday Sewing Plans

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