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Akram's Ideas: A Homemade Vintage Style Wooden Handle Handbag

Handmade Vintage Style Wooden Handle Handbag

Back in March I finally got around to making Simplicity 2154 pattern. The pattern was a re-release of a 1960’s suit. I made the suit using a knit tan fabric and a contrasting floral fabric.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity 2154 Knit Suit
Akram’s Ideas: Simplicity 2154 Knit Suit

The contrast fabric was vintage and was super lovely with rich colors and tones. I thought since I had a little left I would maybe make a matching handbag.

Vintage Floral Fabric
Vintage Floral Fabric

We’ll it maybe 9 month later but I finally made the matching handbag. One of the reasons it took so long was that I wanted the purse to look vintage, to match the fabric. I also knew I wanted to use wooden handles on the handbag.

A few months back I happen to be in one of my favorite antique stores, when lo and behold I found a pair of wooden handbag handles for only $4. Finally my vintage style wooden handle handbag project could be completed.

Handmade Vintage Wooden Handel Handbag
Handmade Vintage Wooden Handel Handbag

To create the purse I used a tutorial from The Mother Huddle site, which I found on Pinterest. The tutorial was for a wooden handle handbag, exactly what I needed.

The tutorial called for one 20” by 27” piece from the body fabric, and two 20” by 13¾” pieces for the lining. Unfortunately my body fabric, the vintage floral, wasn’t big enough. Thus, I decided just to square off the fabric I did have which came to about 18” by 25”. Using this new size for my base I cut two pieces of lining at 18” by 12¾”, this gave me the same relationship as the original pattern.

For the lining I used a maroon cotton fabric, which I only had a limited quantity of. The fabric matched perfectly and was just enough for this project.

Lining of handbag
Lining of handbag

The tutorial had you hand sew the fabric around the handles, but as I am lazy I carefully used my sewing machine to do this. I made sure I was a ¼” away from the handle and as I sewed I would gather the excess fabric further up the handle so that the stitch would stay straight.

I am so happy how this handbag turned! I love the fact that it looks like an actual vintage handbag, and although the parts were vintage, the handbag itself is only a few days old.

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