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Attaching Sewn-in Purse Straps

Making the Miss Maggie #Handbag, but don’t have strap anchors! Don’t worry, in this step-by-step sew-along, I’ll be share how to add sewn-in #straps to your Miss Maggie Handbag, or any other purse or bag pattern.

Sewing Purse Straps

You don’t need any fancy hardware to sew on purse straps, and they do not have to be sewn on to the outside of your bag, as in the case with many tote bags. Instead, you can sew your purse straps at the top of your bag sandwiched in between your outer fabric and lining. 

Once you have your purse and purse lining all assembled and before you attached the two you’ll want to attach your sewn-in straps. 

Start by preparing your purse straps according to your pattern instructions. Next, you’ll baste stitch the purse straps at the top edge of your outer purse, on the right side. 

Next, you’ll attach the lining just as normal, only making sure that the straps are laying towards the bottom of your purse and are in between the right sides of the outer purse and purse lining. 

After you bag out your purse your straps will be attached, just like that! 

Adding Rivets

In the video, I added rivets to the straps to give the purse a little bit of a polished look. 

However, I would suggest if you are adding rivets, you should place your strap an inch past the top of the purse top when sewing them in. This allows for a full inch of the strap to be sandwiched in between the to layers, giving a more prominent place for the rivet to go, right through the strap and bag. 

Bag Making Tips

I hope you found these bag making tips helpful. I’d love to hear in the comments below if you have any bag making tips of your own. 

Akram's Ideas: Attaching Sewn-in Straps

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