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Akram's Ideas: Free Pattern - Tulip & Blueberry Owl Stuffie

Free Pattern – Tulip & Blueberry Owl Stuffie

Yesterday I announced the opening of my Esty shop. I’m super excited to share the news with everyone and to share my creative and crazy ideas brought to life in the shop.

Tulip and Blueberry

One such creative and crazy idea are my cute little stuffed owls, Tulip and Blueberry.

Blueberry and Tulip Owl
Blueberry and Tulip Owl

These adorable owls I first made for my niece’s birthday at the end of January. Aren’t they just the sweetest, thing you ever saw?

To make these cute stuffies I actually crafted the pattern myself.  It was my second self crafted pattern and I think I did pretty good at putting it all together.

The best part is that I made the pattern so that all the pieces could print on a standard 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper. No having to tape pattern pieces together.

Tulip Owl
Tulip Owl is so colorful and floral

While I am selling completed stuffed Tulip and Blueberry Owls in my Esty shop, I couldn’t resist sharing their pattern with my readers for FREE!

That’s right, you are welcome to download, print and make your very own Tulip and Blueberry owl.

Blueberry Owl
Blueberry Owl is looking rather dapper

The only restriction I have is that you do not share this PDF directly with others. Please direct friends to Akram’s Ideas to download their own copy of the PDF pattern.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this free pattern and I hope that in the coming months I will have more Akram’s Ideas original patterns to share with you. Until then please enjoy this pattern.

Click Here to Download Free PDF Pattern

If you are not a sewer remember you can always get your own Tulip and Blueberry at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AkramsIdeas

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Akram's Ideas: Free Pattern - Tulip & Blueberry Owl Stuffie

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